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Create professional rental property inspection reports in a flash!
Be it, move-ins and -outs, inventory checks, mid term inspections, renovation checks, property inspections or routine check-ups, we’ve got what you need!
Discover our Rental Inspection App, specifically created for letting agents and property managers who want to take control of their move-in and out inspections.
A powerful property management tool for property managers, professional inspectors, real estate agents and the like!

The smart user interface and interactive features guarantee a quick, yet accurate recording.
Our management tools allow you to easily access maintenance data and control your inspectors & inspections!

So, what are you waiting for?
Download our Rental Inspection App today on your iOS or Android tablet or smartphone.
Discover our Rental Inspection App today and from now on work smart, fast and accurately.

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The key features

It is a real App. You don’t have to be online to use it. Just regularly synchronise with your App-Manager.

Discover the handy navigation. Unlike other inspection apps we have a unique tree structure that helps you keep an overview at all times.

This Master-Manager can be used for scheduling, but also contains all your reports. Of course, it can do a lot more.

You can generate and review multilingual reporting.

Avoid repetitive work. Thanks to lots of productivity tools, like copy-paste, duplicate, set and use as standard, start from reference objects.

The issue notation is more than setting the condition. It is describing, detailing, making pictures and sketches. It is also about preparing the issue handling, indicating responsibility, cost estimate, actions to be taken, create work orders, and make a job list.

You decide to work fast whenever possible and in great detail whenever necessary.

We make an important distinction between move-in and move-out inspections.

At a move-in, certainly the first time, you have to go for a detailed description. It is more than setting a condition. You can describe, set characteristics, and take pictures.

At a move-out, your focus will be on issue-notation, not element descriptions. The issue list is important for setting charges and organising the turnover.

And you have an overview per customer, landlord.

We work in cascade. This means that all data of consecutive inspection stay available, visible. From now on you will only note changes on it.

We support in-app signing and you can send out the reports directly from your app.

We have an automatic report generation and online preview.

We have different report-formats, for example with or without cost-details. For example: a move-in report is very different from a move-out report.

Discover some of the great features & tools

Our Rental Inspection App works offline on both iOS / Android on both tablets & smartphones

Rental Inspector home

Create your own or use our pre-defined checklists

Our handy Rental Inspection App allows you to create your own inspection checklists at any time or you can choose from one of our 15 pre-defined checklists and adapt them as you go, which saves you a lot of precious time. You can add the areas and elements manually on the app or back-office. It’s as easy as one-two-three.

Schedule your inspections & inspectors

A function for scheduling your property inspections is a must-have for any inspection tool, enabling you to efficiently manage the inspection process. You can allocate times and inspectors for each specific inspection. This happens in the back office.

Of course, you can if you want also create an inspection on the go, straight onto your app.

Go into as much or as little detail as you want

We understand that each property manager, surveyor or letting agent has their own way of working. Some of you like to go into a lot of detail, indicating the colour, the make and even the material of each element. Of course, you do not have to do this, you can also simply leave the element as is and indicate the condition.

Take pictures and create work orders

On our inspection app, you can take pictures at any time, simply click on the camera function to take pictures, leave comments or make sketches on them.

We have even created a Dictaphone function for you to use if this is necessary.

This handy feature allows you to immediately identify a couple of things including, the person responsible, the action that needs to be taken, including work order creation and the cost associated with this.

Base your property inspections upon previous inspections (eliminating double work and making you work more efficiently)

One of our main tools to promote productivity is basing your inspections upon a previous inspection. This means when performing an initial inspection, you can base all of the consecutive inspections on this one. Meaning the next time you perform an inspection, you simply need to look for inconsistencies, which will half your inspection time.

Sign on the spot

We allow for on the spot signing. This means both tenants, leaseholders and inspectors can sign on the spot. We have a handy preview of the report that you can show to all parties involved before they sign and then have them sign on the app itself.

This can come in handy when your tenants are there with you during the inspection.

Of course, if they are not they can always sign at a later date.

Automatic pdf reports

Automatically generate reports. These handy reports include the notation of issues/remarks, along with pictures and sketches, which are all delivered to you in a structured way. Of course, it’s completely customisable. We facilitate a range of reporting, such as a move-in and out reports, check-up reports, renovation checks, job lists, suggestion lists and many more.

Product tiers

The Rental Inspector can suit any scale. Browse the tiers below to see which suits you best.


The Rental Inspector Pro version is built for property managers or letting agents, who are active on the rental market but manage a limited portfolio. It offers you all the necessary features for handling your move-in & move-out property inspections. The Rental Inspector App comes with the indispensable Rental Manager.

  • Works offline
  • Multiple users (max 3.)
  • Access to the Rental Manager
  • Personalisation of property inspection checklists & reports
  • Online synchronisation & back-up
  • Organise inspectors & inspections
  • Additional report formats
  • Online support
  • Post-processing of property inspections
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Our Rental Inspector Premium version is built for larger organisations, for when you have to perform a lot of move-in and -out property inspections. Plus, when you want to handle specific situations or processes and guarantee top-quality service.

  • Works offline
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Personalisation of property inspection checklists & reports
  • Extended Rental Manager
  • Supports calculations with cost & charge tables
  • Grouping objects into residences/sites
  • Organising maintenance and turnovers
  • Hotline support
  • Post-processing of property inspections
  • Additional report formats
  • Access to Maintenance Web-App
  • Pricing based on customer's needs
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Check out our handy inspection reports

We understand that producing reports is the number one purpose of conducting inspections

That’s why our Rental Inspector App not only facilitates a wide range of inspection types;
but we also provide you with the necessary tools to create the reports you need.

That way you can deal with all aspects of your property management.


Does the app work offline?

Yes! All of our apps work offline.

Simply synchronise when an internet connection is available. Do keep in mind when generating a PDF preview of your report on the app, you will need an internet connection.

What kind of inspections can be performed?

We understand that a move-in and move-out inspection are not the same, nor are intermediate, check-ups, or renovation inspections. That’s why we allow you to choose from a wide range of property inspection types.

We make a distinction between:

  1. Move-in inspection
  2. Mid term inspection
  3. Check-up inspection
  4. Renovation inspection
  5. Pre-move-out inspection
  6. Move-out inspection
  7. Initialisation inspection
  8. Inventory inspection
What do reports look like?

We’ve put a lot of time and effort in making reports not only visually appealing but also, and maybe even more importantly, useful. That’s why we offer different types of reports, depending on the type of inspection you have performed and the options you selected when finishing up the report.

We made sure you generate a report that looks professional. All our reports automatically position the pictures with the accompanying issues, this way you receive a comprehensive and thorough report.

Once the inspection is completed and you wish to generate your reports, we provide you with the option to either automatically mail the report to the tenant/leaseholder, or you can send the report to your manager to post-process reports at a later stage.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at one of our example reports available on our product page.

What device do I need to use the app (min. requirements)?

The Rental Inspector App works on both Apple (iOS) as well as Android tablets  and smartphones because we believe it is important that your inspections run smoothly.

How do I download & install the app?
  • Downloading & installing the app is as easy as one-two-three. Simply download the app on either the Apple App Store (for iPhones and iPads) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).Simply navigate to the Store on your device and search for “Chapps” or visit one of the following links from your mobile device;

    In the App store click “Get” or “Install”, follow the prompts and the app will start downloading & installing. More help on installing apps on your iPad is available at

    When the installation is completed the app icon will show up on the home screen of your tablet or smartphone. Make sure to swipe left and right as it might have been put in between one of your existing apps.

    When opening the App for the first time it will ask you to login (or create an account if you have not created one). Feel free to contact us at any time if you encounter an issue or can’t get the app up and running, we’re glad to help!

    Online support:

How do I set-up my account?

It’s easy, depending on your needs you can either download the app, register and pay online or we can do this for you! It all depends on your needs and the size of your organisation. It’s part of our initialisation fee. Of course, you can also make use of our handy Building Maker.

We realise that it’s essential that all buildings, units, elements and checklists are recorded accurately, in order for you to collect accurate data.
That’s why we help you set-up all of your buildings.

Give us a shout if you are ready to give our app a try!

Please see the link attached or go to our “Getting Started” page for more information.


We do indeed customise to some extent, especially if you are a large organisation. We are more than happy to see what we can do.

Please see the link attached or go to our “Customisation” page for more information.

Linking & API

We support linking with your software through a fully described API, for more information on this, please click this link or go to our “Linking” page for more information.


Rental Inspection App

One way of linking your app data to your management software, other than using the API, is by importing & exporting your data in bulk. These in- and -out exports are done through our back-end Manager.

Data that can be exported is;

  1. Tenant information
  2. Reports
  3. Imagery
  4. Maintenance information

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