Manage your building inspections

Perform professional building inspections with our handy Building Inspection App

A Building Inspection App specifically created to accommodate building & facility managers for multifamily, residential and commercial properties.

When making this inspection app, we faced many challenges.
Such as; how to structure the building inspections and how to support accurate monitoring of the building, all while still having a comfortable experience.
The Building Inspector App is about controlling & monitoring the state of the building.
It serves a range of purposes such as; preparing annual meeting reports, maintenance checks, compliance controls, supporting facility management activities and more…

Discover the Chapps Building Inspector and change your ways!

The key features

It is a real App. You don’t have to be online to use it. Works on Smartphones & Tablets on Android & iOS.

Create your very own checklists, pictures, note issues and record follow up actions

Discover the Full Audit inspection. This inspection type is more elaborated than the Quick Audit, it lets you perform a very detailed audit.

Systems inspections for active monitoring

Walkthrough inspection for a systematic inventory of issues

We support the recording of meters.

Distribute, follow up and support your maintenance teams.

Generate a “state of the building” report.

Preparing the annual report becomes a lot more easy and reliable.

Working with Sites & Groups.

Generate reports automatically, simply generate and you will receive the reports straight into your email account as a handy PDF Report.

Keep an overview of all data.

Schedule & follow up on inspections & inspectors

Control on efficiency and reliability, checking GPS and control execution time

You can access contacts directly and consult documents

Let's discover the features and tools

The ultimate building inspection software

Building Inspector App phone

Perform different types of building inspections

The Building Inspector lets you perform thorough and detailed building inspections for a variety of purposes and reasons. Conducting regular building inspections is essential for good building management. Our Building Inspection App helps you to set up regular check-ups, be it for daily, weekly, even monthly use. This comes in handy when you are looking for maintenance or repair issues.

Please see the list below for types of inspections you can perform;

  • Audit inspections
  • Health, safety and security inspections
  • Walkthrough inspections
  • Annual reporting
  • State of the building inspections
  • Create your own checklist inspections

Our tool is made for a wide range of users including building managers, facility managers and social housing providers.

Easily set-up your account with your buildings and checklists

We created a professional yet easy to use tool that can be set-up by you, yourself, regardless of the size of your portfolio. You can do so on the app itself or on the Building Manager, our online back-office.

Simply start creating a building, identify the areas and outline of your buildings, element checkpoints and so forth. Once you have done so, simply duplicate floors and. It’s as easy as one two three.


Access rights & roles

We work with access rights and roles; we understand that different people in your organization have different responsibilities. That’s why we created access rights. These access rights allow you, as the building manager, to open and close specific features in the app. By doing so, everyone can make use of this handy tool.

Schedule and receive your inspection tasks

Easily access your inspections via the Inspection Tile. We made sure you are given the necessary tools to not only receive inspection jobs but schedule them for yourself and for team members. That way you can assess workload and streamline this process.

You can do so on our handy Building Manager or even straight onto the app if you wish.

Create work orders and maintenance jobs

You can add a work order or maintenance job to an issue you noted on the app at any time.

You can identify what needs to be done, when and indicate the urgency. You can if you wish even identify a person or team responsible to perform the job, leave notes and much more.

Organize your maintenance with our handy Maintenance Now App

Extend your Building Inspector App with our handy Maintenance Organizer and Maintenance Now App and take full control of your building maintenance.

All of our inspection tools can create jobs and work orders. The Building Manager even offers you some maintenance planning tools per building. But sometimes this is not always enough.

That is why all our inspection apps can be linked to our Maintenance Organizer. Where you receive the tools to allocate maintenance, manage your maintenance teams or contractors and follow up on planning and execution. You decide on urgencies and priorities you can even group jobs and launch a tender.

The maintenance teams or contractors can equally make use of our handy Maintenance Now App. This handy web-app can be used on any device. Here they can consult their jobs and work orders, receive tasks and directives and send feedback. Everything works seamlessly together through our handy single sign-on system.

Residenz Portal

Our Residenz Web-App is a handy tool for residents to use. They receive a login and can do so from anywhere. Quickly register or communicate issues. You can interact through a handy message centre, send them documents or announcements.

Our Building Inspector App versions

The Chapps Building Inspector App comes in 3 different packages, each one designed to fit your needs. Check out which one suits you best.


We know that every property manager needs to cover their basic needs. The Lite version enables you to perform essential inspections, be it audits or maintenance inspections. We give you the tools to organize your building inspections.

  • Perform quick inspections based on your own standard checklist
  • Schedule inspections
  • Easy to use online manager
  • Direct issue notation
  • Create to-do lists
  • Generate jobs and work-orders & send them immediately via e-mail
  • Record meters readings
  • Create a state of the building report for annual meetings
  • GPS & reliability controls


If you are a very proactive manager and your staff is regularly on-site, then the Pro version is for you. This version supports the active monitoring of the building; it supports different users, roles and additional inspection types.

  • All Lite features +
  • Access to your contacts, suppliers and documents
  • Make use of the Janitor Inspection Tile for daily security
  • Perform systems inspections
  • Perform walkthrough inspections, enabling a systematic inventory of maintenance needs
  • Additional data processing and user settings


This version is perfect for you if you want to be in full control of your building management. With this version you can set-up your very own inspection checklists and enjoy elaborate data processing. We give you the tools to organize and follow up on all of your maintenance needs.

  • All Pro features +
  • Ability to perform flexible check-up inspections (blank templates)
  • Perform full audits
  • Estate grouping
  • Additional maintenance organization tools
  • Link up to the Maintenance Organizer and App

The Building Manager

All of our solutions come with a handy yet extensive Chapps Building Manager

Thanks to our complimentary Building Manager, your online back-office, we help you to not only collect reliable and practical data, but we also make sure you can use this important data in a structured & systematic way. On this handy online back-office, you can create work orders, plan maintenance jobs, follow-up on tasks and much more. Our structured approach allows you to quickly generate the necessary building inspection reports, be it on reliability, state of the building, annual meeting reports, compliance reports and more.

By using the Building Inspector, you work in a structured & documented way. We understand that all the data you collect is of extreme importance, that’s why we give you the tools to be in charge of your portfolio.

  • Handle issues or checkpoints
  • Organize maintenance / create work orders
  • Set-up users & roles that fit your organizational structure
  • Plan & follow-up of inspections and inspectors
  • Reliability & probability controls based on GPS data
  • Prepare annual reports
  • Quality & efficiency controls to maintain your standards
  • API Access to integrate with your existing software

Maintenance Organizer

All our inspection apps can be extended with our handy Maintenance Organizer

Extend your Building Inspector App with our handy Maintenance Organizer and take full control of your building maintenance.

All our inspection apps and their supporting Managers can create jobs and work orders. The Building Manager even offers you some maintenance planning tools per building. However, this is not always sufficient. That is why all our inspection apps can be linked to our Maintenance Organizer. This is the place for organizing maintenance, managing different maintenance teams and following up on planning and execution. Here you decide on urgencies and priorities. Furthermore, you can group jobs and launch a tender.

We also provide the maintenance teams or contractors with the progressive Maintenance Web-App. They consult their jobs, receive tasks and directives and send feedback. Everything works seamlessly together through our handy single sign-on system.

The building inspection reports

Discover the wide range of building inspection reports you can create

An important aspect of conducting building inspections is, of course, creating the inspection reports itself. Be it to comply with local rules and regulations on fire, health and safety audits, or annual reporting. The Building Inspector App provides you with a wide range of reports you can create.




Yes! All of our apps work offline (even for previewing your reports). Simply synchronize when an internet connection is available.


The Building Inspector App makes a clear distinction between organized or explicit inspection assignments and a “full” inspection. The app can be used for a variety of purposes. This can range from; health, safety & security checks, conformity checks, issue registration inspections, detailed inspections and more.

Each of these inspections can be performed in as much detail as you wish. You can choose for a full review of all maintenance needs, or simply visit a building and register issues when needed.
You can also, at any time register meter readings.

Suitable Industries?
  • Commercial property management
  • Condominium
  • HOA
  • Multifamily housing
  • Buildings
Who are the users we cater to?
  • Building inspectors
  • Building surveyors
  • Building standards co-ordinator
  • Property managers
  • Building managers
  • Asset managers
  • Technical inspectors
  • HOA & social housing providers
  • Facility managers
  • Maintenance teams
  • ARMA members
  • RICS Members
Does Chapps Customize?

Chapps does indeed customize for large clients, we understand that each property management or other organization has their own way of working. Therefore, we allow customization. For more information contact us at


You do not always need a full report. We understand that. That’s why we allow you to select the reports you need when you’re finishing up the inspection. Currently, we support the following reports;

  1. The meter reading inspection allows you to collect meter readings both communal as well as individual meters.
  2. The safety & security report this report is available in 3 different formats;
    • The full inspection report, retaining all elements to be checked
    • The compact inspection report, which only shows all the negative checkpoints
    • And last but not least the issue report, a report which contains all the issues recorded during the inspection
  3. At any moment, you can create a detailed issue report for issues registered during an inspection, or even if you would like to see all open issues (including issue details, the kind of issues and the action to be taken).



It’s easy, depending on your needs you can either download the app, register and pay online or we can do this for you! It all depends on your needs and the size of your organization. It’s part of our initialization fee. Of course, you can also make use of our handy Building Maker.

We realize that it’s essential that all buildings, units, elements and checklists are recorded accurately, in order for you to collect accurate data.
That’s why we help you set-up all of your buildings.

Give us a shout if you are ready to give our app a try!

Please see the link attached or go to our “Getting Started” page for more information.


We support linking with your software through a fully described API, for more information on this, please click this link or go to our “Linking” page for more information.


One way of linking your app data to your management software, other than using the API, is by importing & exporting your data in bulk. These in- and -out exports are done through our back-end Manager.

  1. Tenant and resident information
  2. GDPR rules & regulations
  3. Meter readings
  4. Maintenance issues, jobs and more
  5. Attention points
  6. All the generated reports
  7. And much more

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