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Property Inspection software & apps

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What we do

“Chapps” stands for checking apps. We create and develop comprehensive  property inspection software and apps. Our solutions support all parties involved in the inspection process. Our solution is modular & customizable, we pride ourselves on being able to service a wide range of markets.

With the many years of experience under our belt we know what you need and will work with you to find that perfect solution. Be sure to browse our products page for our readily available products, click here.

Need something specific to your needs? Then look no further we’re here to help.

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Our native and online property inspection apps

Powerful property inspection apps to help you every step of the way

Expertly executed

Our products are carefully crafted to guarantee a smooth user experience. As a result of our intuitive inspection apps, businesses can enhance efficiency and maximize profits. One of the many benefits of working with us is that we have plenty of experience building both native and online property inspection apps. All our apps are available on Android and iOS platforms and work on both smartphones and tablets.

Need something more customized or would like white labeling?

We understand that sometimes you need something very specific. That’s why we allow for white labeling and customization of our apps. Making sure that our apps are the right fit for your organization and managing your assets.

A powerful inspection software behind the apps

Collect valuable & accurate data from your apps and make sense of it all through our powerful online back office

Our cloud based Manager

All of our inspection apps come with a handy online, cloud-based Back-Office you can access from anywhere. This is your one and only management tool, where you can manage your inspections, assets and all of the data recorded therein. With the Manager, you can keep track of all your asset data & inspections, organise work orders and much more. On this cloud based Back Office you are in control of your management and inspection processes.

We transform your inspections by creating cloud-based property inspection software, empowering businesses to optimize their workflows & improve productivity. Our powerful cloud based Back Office allows you to access your data from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection, and you are off.

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Make it the right fit

We make sure our app is the perfect fit. You can set-up everything yourself or let us help. We enable you to fine tune the app so it fits like a glove, we make sure getting started with Chapps is as easy as one-two-three.

White labelling

For large organizations we understand that a white labeled product can be preferable, that is why we offer the ability to not only customize but also white label your very own app, making it feel like it's your very own app.

Tailored onboarding

At Chapps we understand that as a large organization onboarding your entire staff can seem daunting. Our talented Customer success managers are here to help you create a plan of onboarding specifically tailored to your situation and your organization.

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