About us

Chapps stands for “Checking apps”.

We providing a wide range of property inspection apps & software, for the property management industry. We realize that performing detailed and efficient property inspections is tessential for efficient and modern property management. You need to collect the right data and information, in order to generate reliable & practical reports.
That’s where we comes in.

Property inspections are very important. It’s about checking compliance and covering your liabilities. It’s about organizing, planning & following up on maintenance. It’s about performing quick turnovers in case of tenancies. It’s about justifying costs & charges to landlords, residents, or tenants, registering requests, and documenting incidents…
Ultimately, it’s about making your reporting to management/stakeholders as efficient as possible.

Clearly, there are many reasons why you need a professional tool to create reliable property inspections.

So, stop improvizing and stop using pen & paper.
We provide you with the right inspection app for all your property management challenges you are confronted with. You need more than a checklist.

Our solutions offer you not only a very intuitive checklist but it also offers support for the different processes and the different people involved. In addition to this, we provide you with a powerful, cloud-based Chapps Manager. We put you, as a manager, in full control. Our property inspections apps are well designed and we offer you very practical solutions. We think such applications should be action driven. It means that it should help you to become organized.

It's not about planning investments, it is about making sure your properties are in a good condition today, tomorrow, and a year from now.
So, discover the Chapps approach and from now on work Smart, Fast and Accurately.

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