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Latest Release

Introducing the Floor Plan Feature in our Manager: Streamlining Space Management and Maintenance

We are excited to unveil our latest enhancement – the Floor Plan Feature – designed to revolutionize the way you manage your spaces and streamline maintenance operations. This highly anticipated feature allows you to seamlessly upload floor plans into your manager, facilitating efficient identification of issues and maintenance requests, all on a per-floor basis.

Enhanced Space Management

With the Floor Plan Feature, you can now visualize your spaces in a structured and intuitive manner. Simply upload your floor plans and easily navigate through the different areas and rooms. This visual representation offers a comprehensive view of your facility, enabling better spatial organization and aiding in effective decision-making.

Identify Issues with Precision

The visual aspect of the floor plan feature provides a valuable tool for identifying issues within your spaces. Whether it’s a faulty electrical outlet, a leaky faucet, or any other maintenance concern, you can mark these directly on the floor plan. This precise identification ensures that maintenance teams can address problems swiftly and accurately.

Seamless Maintenance Request Registration

Gone are the days of cumbersome maintenance request forms and processes. The Floor Plan Feature allows you to seamlessly register maintenance requests right on the floor plan interface. Simply pinpoint the issue on the floor plan, provide a brief description, and the request is logged and assigned to the appropriate team for resolution. This streamlined process enhances communication and accelerates maintenance workflows.

Optimized Facility Operations

By leveraging the Floor Plan Feature, facility managers can optimize operations and allocate resources efficiently. The ability to visualize spaces and maintenance requirements on a per-floor basis enhances strategic planning and allows for proactive management of facilities.

Incorporating the Floor Plan Feature into our manager empowers you to take control of your facility management, enabling a more organized and efficient approach to space management and maintenance. We are committed to continuously enhancing our platform to meet your evolving needs, and the Floor Plan Feature is a significant step towards achieving that goal. Experience the difference of a visually empowered manager and elevate your facility management experience today!

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