Social Housing

Monitoring & Maintenance

Discover the key features

Master your challenges & the rental process, go for an active monitoring, guarantee compliance, organize maintenance and manage your collaborators.

Intuitive & user-friendly app that works offline on Android & iOS on Smartphones & Tablets

Quickly register issues take pictures and make sketches.

Base your inspections upon the previous ones, saving you lots of time.

Create your very own checklists, perform routine building & system inspections.

Schedule your inspections & inspectors

Take control of your maintenance data and organize your work orders quickly & efficiently

Communicate with your tenants and give them the tools to report issues directly avoiding paperwork.

Automatically creates inspection reports & supports on the spot signature.

Make use of our master manager where you can take charge of all the data collected.

Your package

The Monitoring Package, made just for you.

The Monitoring Package

Working in harmony.

Discover our powerful Monitoring Package made for social housing providers who want to take control of their buildings, cover their liabilities and organize their maintenance.

You want to make sure that your building is safe, your units are regularly inspected, and all maintenance is organized. All whilst communicating with your residents then this package is for you.

Discover how our solutions can fit your needs.

The Master Manager

The Monitoring Package comes with an extensive management software where you can further manage your rentals, schedule inspections, look at completed inspection reports, identify maintenance, allocate jobs, download different types of building reports, perform reliability controls, communicate with your residents, organize your maintenance and much more…

The perfect package if you want to manage & monitor your social housing.

What this Manager can do for you

  • Schedule routine building & rental inspections
  • Download many different types of PDF reports
  • Identify and allocate issues
  • Create work orders
  • Schedule & organize maintenance for both contractors and your in-house maintenance teams
  • Communicate with your tenants, make announcements, send out notifications, and more…

Actively monitor your buildings

This tool is great when you need to perform routine audit inspections for your health, safety, and security checks. But it also offers a wide range of other inspections such as caretaker inspections, system inspections, meter readings, on the spot work-order creations, and much more.

  • Routine site visits & quick audit inspections
  • Create your own check-up inspections and specific reporting
  • Health, fire, and safety inspections
  • Communal area & block inspections
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Compliance controls
  • Caretaker inspections
  • Meter readings
  • System inspections
  • GPS tracking and time controls
  • and more…

The Building Inspector App is also very useful for monitoring the systems of the Building, for the recording of meters, and if there is a concierge, daily or weekly inspection routines. Plus you can set up, define, and assign your own inspections with the checklist-builder. We call it Check-up inspections.

You can process all maintenance data and urgencies in your Master Manager. For reporting, preparing annual meetings, and of course for organizing maintenance.

Take charge of your rental inspections

Easily perform inspections, create inspection reports, and much more. This tool is ideal for any landlord who manages multiple properties on his own.

  • Create your own or use our checklists
  • Take pictures & make sketches on the app
  • Base a current inspection on a previous inspection
  • Create automatic pdf reports
  • Sign on the spot – in app signatures
  • Schedule your inspections
  • Settlement with tenants
  • Automated issue tarrif tables
  • and much more…

Organize your maintenance

Use the Master Manager for organizing maintenance. Process all data and decide on actions, jobs, create and follow up work orders. You can export, send out those maintenance lists.

Make full use of our Maintenance Now App. It is a specific App for your maintenance guys, contractors. They will find here their work orders, with details and directives, they can accept/reject jobs. They will indicate the progress of work and give feedback.

Involve your residents

The final piece of the puzzle that gives you complete control of your social housing management is the Resident Portal, this is a great tool to improve communication between you and your residents.

It is very important to keep your residents involved, moreover, they are best placed for signaling problems and issues. We present you the Residenz Web-App. It is a very user-friendly Web App for your residents. With this tool, they can signal problems.

You can decide which residents can make use of this handy tool, they will receive a link to a handy portal where they can easily communicate with you on maintenance issues and more. We even provide you with the tools to send any relevant information to the resident.

  • Use this app to keep them informed, to go in conversation, and to publish documents.
  • You can activate this Web application for each building separately. In your Master Manager you activate logins and handle all notifications.

Customize your account

We make sure the software is the right fit. You can do this yourself or allow us to do this for you, for a small fee. We make sure all your information is entered into the system, along with all the accompanying checklists and customization requirements. This way everything is ready for you to work effectively and efficiently.

Onboard your team

Once your account is ready, it’s time to get your inspectors and team on board. Getting them started is easy. They should all receive a brief email prompting them to register & confirm their accounts. Once they have done so, you can start scheduling inspections for them to conduct! Of course, we have plenty of onboarding training support and videos should this be needed.

Get started

Now that your inspectors have started inspecting, you will receive all this data in your online back office. All of your information is at your fingertips, on one handy back office.

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