For the DIY Landlord

Professional inspection reports

Discover the key features

Discover the power of our Rental Inspector App. Our DIY Landlord Package makes sure we cover all your rental inspection & management needs. Be sure to explore some key features below.

It is a real App. You don’t have to be online to use it. Just regularly synchronize with your App-Manager.

The App comes fully prepared. You can start right away. Just use on of our checklists or create your very own on the go.

Discover our handy navigation. A handy tree structure allowing you to always know where you are.

Take pictures and make sketches of issues whenever you need to. These will be automatically added to your report.

Easily add element-detailing along with conditions, characteristics & pictures.

This Master-Manager can be used for scheduling, but also contains all your reports. Of course, it can do a lot more.

We made sure you always keep the overview. No more scrolling and searching.

Easy issue-detailing, functioning control, descriptions, pictures, actions, costs.

You decide to work fast whenever possible and in great detail whenever necessary.

We have an automatic report generation and online preview.

We have different report-formats, for example with or without cost details. For example, a move-in report is very different from a move-out report.

And there is an in-app signing and you can send out the reports directly from your app.

Your package

DIY Landlord Package

This package is specifically created for landlords, we understand your needs and have created the perfect solution for you.

The DIY Landlord Package includes a handy Rental Inspection App and of course our online Rental Manager where you can take full control of your properties and inspections.

The App

The Rental Inspector App is your main tool. Easily perform inspections, create inspection reports, and much more. This tool is ideal for any landlord who manages multiple properties on his own.

  • Create your own or use our checklists
  • Take pictures & make sketches on the app
  • Base a current inspection on a previous inspection
  • Create automatic pdf reports
  • Sign on the spot
  • Schedule your inspections

The Rental Manager

The Rental Manager is a great tool for regenerating an inspection report, handle remarks, post-process reports or create addendums. It’s also a practical tool for creating, distributing, and following up with inspections & inspectors. You can also consult inspection documents and data. With the Rental Manager, you can fully customize the Rental Inspector App.

It’s about more than your corporate style: it’s about texts and clauses, creating specific inspection checklists, editing contractor and detailing lists, pricing tables, and much more.

  • Plan & follow-up of inspectors and inspections
  • Customize & edit inspection /inspection checklists
  • Personalize reports
  • Post-process inspection reports
  • Collect accurate maintenance data
  • Assign work orders
  • Manage properties

Download the app

Simply head on over to the AppStore or PlayStore and download the app. Once you have downloaded you will simply have to confirm your account and you can get started.

Create your inspections

Once you have confirmed your account you can start creating your properties and create your own checklists or use one of our predefined checklists and start inspecting.

Get started

Now that your inspectors have started inspecting, you will receive all this data in your online back office. All of your information is at your fingertips, on one handy back office.