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Create professional rental property inspections in a flash

Perform move-in and-out property inspections, take control of your student housing inspections today

Perform professional building inspections, for apartments, residential and commercial buildings

Discover our tenant resident repair reporting web-app

Organize maintenance, manage maintenance teams, and follow up on planning and work orders

Perform professional building inspections, for multi-family, residential and commercial buildings

Create professional property rental inspections in a flash

Discover our resident repair reporting tool

Perform move-in and-out inspections, take control of your student housing inspections today

Discover our wide range of property inspection apps

Streamline your property inspections with our inspection apps

Modernize your building inspections

Discover the Chapps Building Inspection App. An essential tool for performing professional building inspections. This handy Building Inspection App is specifically created to accommodate property & building managers.

The Building Inspection App works offline on your Tablets & Smartphones on both Android & iOS operating systems.
When making this app, we faced many challenges, such as; how to structure these building inspections and how to support accurate monitoring of your buildings, all while still having a comfortable experience and saving precious time. We help your maintenance and inspection teams work together.

The Building Inspection App lets you perform health, safety and security checks, regular inspections, report incidents, manage & distribute work orders, create handy reports for your annual reporting and much more! It’s the ultimate tool for your building management.
Stop improvizing and take full control of your building inspections today.

Digitalize your rental property inspections

A property inspection app specifically created for multifamily & residential housing.

The app works offline on your tablets on both Android & iOS operating systems.
This well-rounded Property Inspection App is specifically created for performing routine rental inspections, be it move-ins, move-outs, initialization or even renovation checks, you name it we thought of it. We give you the tools to deal with your rental property management confidently — the ultimate solution for your rental inspections.

Are you still working with simple rental inspection checklists? We know you are looking for a change, a way to improve your work, all while saving precious time. Make full use of the many features the app has to offer.
Discover the Chapps Rental Inspection App today.

Streamline your student housing & room inspections

We understand that student housing and resident halls can be a challenging job.

That’s why we created a specific tool for you to be able to handle this demanding work. Our Room Inspection App works offline on your Tablets & Smartphones on both Android & iOS operating systems.

Our handy Dorm Inspector lets you perform move-in/-out, room inspections, room condition reports and mid-term inspections. You can take control of your maintenance, allocate damages & costs to the students, create maintenance work orders, deal with residential fines, allocate tenancies and much more.

All of your student staff, housing teams and others can now work together with the same tools.
So, throw away those spreadsheets and get organized. Discover what this inspection app has to offer your organization.

Manage your student housing and room inspections with our handy Room Inspection App.

Discover our tenant repair reporting web-app and communicate with your residents

Our online resident housing portal facilitates communication between landlords and residents. Quickly signal repairs & communicate through our message center.

Our handy maintenance repair reporting web-app designed for residents is an indispensable tool in modern property management. At Chapps, we understand that you have to keep your residents and landlords involved and informed. It’s essential to offer them an accessible and straightforward tool to signal problems and make remarks and requests.

It is also the place where they find documents, consult announcements and have access to a handy tenant messaging system that enables direct communication with their landlord or building manager. This intuitive and easy-to-use interface helps residents to quickly signal urgent issues, send messages, make maintenance requests and more. Each resident will have a history of their requests.

It’s an indispensable tool in modern property management.

Discover the many features our online residence portal has to offer.

The tool to manage your maintenance teams and work orders

With the success of our core inspection apps and software, we challenged ourselves to complete the property inspection cycle, so that our clients could control all that they needed from within the Chapps ecosystem. The most notable void to fill was to create the Maintenance Organizer.

The Maintenance Organizer software is where property managers are given both full control of maintenance teams and also the ability to convert issues and jobs raised on other platforms to useable and assignable work orders.

The maintenance team selected for a specific job receive notifications via phone or tablet on their Maintenance Organizer App. Likewise, the maintenance team can also confirm acceptance, provide feedback on their progress, and declare completion of a job via multimedia and text-based messaging within the app.

To see how the Maintenance Organizer can integrate perfectly into your workflow, just click the button below and we will be happy to demonstrate.

Our inspection software, a single sign-on solution

All of our inspection apps work hand-in-hand, discover how we can streamline your property management workflow

All of our inspection apps communicate with each other; they seamlessly integrate and send information back and forth, enabling you to easily switch back and forth from any of our inspection apps.

We were able to do this through a handy single sign-on system. By doing so, we created a well-rounded property inspection software, where every aspect of your property management is covered. Our approach is unique and we think that different types of property management have different needs. That’s why we created a wide range of inspection apps catering to your specific needs, keeping in mind the different types of inspections a property manager can be engaged in. All our apps are off the shelve and can be customized if needed.

Integrating with our property inspection software

We are more than happy to integrate with any software, that’s why we created an extended API, ensuring that your data can be easily integrated into your back-office. Creating a link between software should never be complicated, as this is a straightforward concept. For more information, contact us at or find out more on our partner page.

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