About us

Chapps stands for “Checking Apps”.

We specialize in creating a wide range of inspection solutions specifically tailored for the real estate sector. We realize that performing detailed and efficient inspections is the foundation on which property management operates. You need to get the right data, by doing so you make sure that the information you collect helps you generate reliable & practical information.
That’s where Chapps comes in.

Property inspections are inevitable and very important. It’s about checking compliances and covering your liabilities. It’s about organizing, planning & following-up on maintenance. It’s about realizing quick turnovers in case of tenancies. It’s about justifying costs & charges to landlords, residents or tenants, registering requests, documenting incidents…
Ultimately, it’s about making your reporting to management/stakeholders as efficient as possible.

Clearly, there are many reasons why you need a professional tool to create reliable inspections.

So, stop improvizing, and stop using pen & paper. Make people work together.
We offer you different Apps for the different inspection challenges you are confronted with. You need more than a checklist on a tablet.

Our solutions offer you not only a very intuitive checklist but it also offers support for the different processes and the different people involved. Complementary, we provide you with a powerful cloud based Chapps Manager. We put you, as a manager, in full control. The Chapps Inspections Apps are well designed and we offer you very practical solutions. We think such applications should be action driven. It means that it should help you to become organized.

It's not about planning investments, it is about making sure your properties are in a good condition today, tomorrow and a year from now.
So, Discover the Chapps approach.
It will change your ways.

Use Chapps and from now on work Smart, Fast and Accurately.

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