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Managing property inspections

Discover our Rental Inspector solution. We help you to easily shift to a solution that offers increased quality, productivity, reliability and efficiency.

Create professional inspection reports in a flash!
Be it move-ins and -outs, inventory checks, renovation checks, or routine check-ups, Chapps has what you need!
Discover our Rental Inspector App, specifically created for the residential housing industry.
A powerful property management tool for property managers, professional inspectors, real estate agents and the like!

The smart user interface and interactive features guarantee a quick, yet accurate recording.
Our management tools allow you to easily access maintenance data, and control your inspectors & inspections!

So, what are you waiting for?
Download the App today on your iOS or Android tablet.
Discover the Chapps Rental Inspector App today and from now on work smart, fast and accurately.

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Our range of solutions

The Chapps Rental Inspector App, comes in 3 different packages, each one designed to fit your needs. Check out which one suits you best!


We invite you to discover our Lite solution. This is your start-up, test version. Download and start right away. Make sure to use the many features the App has to offer. If you want to generate a report, you will have to make an in-App purchase.

  • Works offline
  • On Android & iOS tablets
  • Single user
  • Pre-filled with practical checklists & detail list
  • Productivity tools preventing repetitive work
  • Automatic PDF reports (via email)
  • In-App digital signature
  • No Manager
  • Online synchronisation & back-up
  • Access to additional in-App features
  • In-App credits


The Pro version is built for the property manager, real estate agent or letting agent, which are active on the rental market but still run a limited portfolio. It offers you all necessary features for handling your move-in & move-out inspections. The App comes with the indispensable Chapps Rental Manager.

  • Works offline
  • Multiple users (max 3.)
  • Access to the Chapps Rental Manager
  • Personalisation of checklists & reports
  • Online synchronization & back-up
  • Organize inspectors & inspections
  • Additional reporting formats
  • Online support
  • Post-processing of inspections


Our Premium version is built for larger organizations, when you have to execute a lot of move-in and -out inspections. When you want or need to handle specific situations, processes, and when you want to guarantee top quality service.

  • Works offline
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Extended Chapps Rental Manager
  • Supports calculation with cost & charge tables
  • Grouping objects in residences/sites
  • Organizing maintenance and turnovers
  • Hotline support
  • Personalization of checklists & reports
  • Post-processing of inspections
  • Additional reporting formats
  • Access to Maintenance Web-App
  • Pricing based on customer's needs

The Chapps Rental Manager

The most important tool yet would be the Chapps Rental Manager.

This handy back-office management tool comes with the Rental Inspector App Pro & Premium.
The Chapps Rental Manager is your number one management tool. This tool let’s you keep track of all of your inspectors & inspections.

  • Plan & follow-up of inspectors and inspections
  • Customize & edit checklists
  • Personalize reports
  • Post-process inspection reports
  • Collect accurate maintenance data
  • Assign work orders
  • Manage properties

Check out our handy inspection reports

Chapps understands that producing reports is the number one purpose of conducting inspections.

That’s why our Rental Inspector App, not only facilitates a wide range of inspection types;
we provide you with the necessary tools to create the necessary reports you need.

That way you can to deal with all the necessary aspects of your property management.


Does the App work offline?

Yes! All of our Apps work offline. Simply synchronize when an internet connection is available.

What kind of inspections can be performed?

We understand that a move-in and move-out inspection are not the same. Nor are intermediate, check-ups, or renovation inspections. That’s why we allow you to choose from a wide range of inspection types.

We make a distinction between:

  1. Move-in
  2. Check-up
  3. Renovation
  4. Pre-move-out
  5. Move-out
  6. Initialisation
What do reports look like?

We’ve put a lot of time and effort in making reports not only visually appealing but also, and maybe even more importantly, useful. That’s why we offer different types of reports, depending on the type of inspection you have performed and the options you selected when finishing up the report.

We made sure you generate a report that looks professional. All our reports automatically position the pictures with the accompanying issues, this way you receive a comprehensive and thorough report.

Once the inspection is completed and you wish to generate your reports, we provide you with the option to either automatically mail the report to the tenant/landlord, or you can send the report to your manager to post-process reports at a later stage.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at one of our example reports available on our product page.

What device do I need to use the App (min. requirements)?

The Rental Inspector App works on both Apple (iOS) iPads as well as Android tablets. Because we believe it is important that your inspections run smoothly, we recommend investing in a powerful device, as this will be your daily tool for performing inspections.

As a reference, the following minimum technical specifications are best taking into consideration;

  • 2GB of RAM/working memory (the more, the better);
  • 32GB of storage capacity (pictures tend to take up a lot of space);
  • 8MP (Megapixel) camera;
  • Introduced max. 4 years ago

We have often received questions from our customers on what devices we recommend.
Unfortunately, due to the wide variety of devices, it’s practically impossible to create an exhaustive list of all devices that work or do not work for our App. We, however, get positive feedback on the following devices (we have no affiliation with any of these brands);

  • Apple iPad Mini 4 (9.7”)
  • Apple iPad (7.9”)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Any recent premium brand’s devices should do the trick as long as it meets the previously mentioned specifications.

How do I download & install the App?

Downloading & installing the App is as easy as one-two-three. Simply download the App on either the Apple App Store (for iPhones and iPads) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).

Simply navigate to the Store on your device and search for “Chapps” or visit one of the following links from your mobile device;

In the App store click “Get” or “Install”, follow the prompts and the App will start downloading & installing. More help on installing Apps on your iPad is available at

When the installation is completed the App icon will show up on the home screen of your tablet. Make sure to swipe left and right as it might have been put in between one of your existing Apps.

When opening the App for the first time it’ll ask you to login (or create an account if you have not created one). Feel free to contact us at any time if you encounter an issue or can’t get the App up and running, we’re glad to help!

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