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The only maintenance tracking software you will ever need!

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Let’s explore our Maintenance Organizer

The ultimate maintenance tracking software for organizing your maintenance and managing your maintenance teams

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We understand that maintenance management is essential when managing your properties. Even though all of our apps come with maintenance reporting tools, we know that sometimes this isn’t enough. That’s why we are proud to reveal our latest addition to our suite; namely our Maintenance Software and Maintenance Now Web-App.

We made sure that any information, such as maintenance issues or work orders can be created in any of our apps and automatically sent through to your Maintenance Organizer. Here you can very easily access any item, look at the images and details of the reported issue, organize maintenance, manage different maintenance teams and follow up on planning and execution. You decide on urgencies and priorities. Furthermore, you can group jobs and launch a tender.

We also provide the maintenance teams or contractors with a progressive maintenance web-app, where they can consult their jobs, receive tasks and directives and send feedback. Everything works seamlessly together through our handy single sign-on system.

Extend any of the Chapps inspection apps with our handy Maintenance Organizer and take full control of your maintenance. To see how the Maintenance Organizer can integrate perfectly into your workflow, follow one of our helpful webinars.

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Maintenance Organizer

Organizing your maintenance teams and contractors becomes a breeze with our Maintenance Software and Maintenance Now Web-App - Discover the possibilities below!

Assign and dispatch jobs to your maintenance teams

With our handy Maintenance Software, you can easily assign your maintenance teams and contractors specific work orders. You can at any time dispatch these tasks, give additional comments, group jobs and much more.

This productivity powerhouse will simplify and speed up your maintenance management.

Set default teams for certain job types

Of course, not every recorded maintenance action requires a manager’s specific input before delegation. Default teams can be set for the simpler or more routine tasks, with the manager only being involved for the less routine stuff. This built-in efficiency solution is quick to configure and easy to adjust, as teams grow and their competencies and availabilities alter over time.

Assign jobs to independent contractors

The app can be used by contractors too, not just your own maintenance teams. Contractors can take pictures, leave comments, and declare jobs complete, leaving you to just review and accept the delivered works. We know this can be ad hoc, that’s why you can simply activate and deactivate their app access for your buildings – they may already be using the app for other building management companies.

Teams can provide feedback and evidence

Teams can provide both text-based and multimedia feedback to the property manager, while using their Maintenance Now Web-App. When a job is complete, photographic evidence can be provided showing that the job has indeed been carried out to the required standard. Similarly, should a job be declined for reasons such as lack of access, evidence of this can also be logged, informing the manager as to the reasons for any holdups

Decline or accept completed work

Your maintenance teams can also, at any time accept or decline a specific work order. When doing so they can provide feedback as to why they are unable to perform this particular job, take pictures and leave notes. They can postpone a task, but again they will need to give a reason for why the task is postponed.

By doing so, we facilitate a smooth interaction between you the manager and your maintenance teams or contractors.

Export data in any way that you need it

For maintenance teams of all types, the Maintenance Organizer App is an enabling tool. It lets them plan and carry out their work with more focus, allowing them to stay on track and be more efficient. Through the app, maintenance teams are fully informed as to the underlying issue that has been turned into a job. Teams are informed of the level of priority of a job and can see any associated multimedia – ensuring they are fully equipped when they arrive onsite.

Integrate seamlessly into your current workflow

We are more than happy to integrate with any software that you already happen to use. That’s why we created an extended API. The API data can be integrated seamlessly and effortlessly into your back-office. Creating a link between software is never difficult with our extensive and well-thought-out API solution. For more information contact us at

Maintenance Now Web-App

Your maintenance teams working like a dream

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Our Maintenance Now Web-App was created for your maintenance teams and contractors. This handy online web-app/work order app is easy to use and a great way to streamline work order distribution. You can activate this app on a case by case basis, and de-activate it as easily.

You can distribute your work-orders to your maintenance teams, job per job. They receive this information by email and on their handy app. In addition, you can also follow up with the progress of these jobs on a case by case basis. By using this app you give them the necessary tools to receive their tasks, along with detailed instructions.

Be sure to have a look below at some of the features this app has on offer.

  • Receive grouped or individual work orders
  • Decline or accept work orders
  • Provide feedback on completed work
  • Change execution date
  • Works on any device
  • Individual logins
  • And much more ...

Explore our Maintenance Organizer

The only maintenance software you will ever need

Maintenance Organizer back-office, manager, computer, smartphone

The Maintenance Organizer is the handy back office, where you can access all recorded issues that need to be processed, coming from the different apps to the one handy center. You can filter these and decide on which ones you wish to take action.

The Organizer lets you;

  • Consult recorded issues (look at pictures, notes etc…)
  • Decide on actions to be taken
  • Translate issues into work orders
  • Create work orders
  • Assign multiple tasks to one issue
  • Assign multiple teams to an issue that needs the attention of multiple teams
  • Group jobs
  • Look at overviews of tasks both completed and in progress
  • Decline or accept contractors delivered jobs
  • Tendering
  • And much more…



Chapps is more than happy to integrate with any software that’s why we created an extended API, this data can be integrated into your back-office. Creating a link between software’s should never be difficult, as this is a straightforward concept. For more information contact us at

Does Chapps Customize?

Chapps does indeed customize for large clients, we understand that each property management or other organization has their own way of working. Therefore, we allow customization. For more information contact us at

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