Feature list Dorm Inspector

Dorm Inspector App Floor Inspector App
The App Dorm Inspector App Floor Inspector App
Works offline i
App available in multiple languages i
Synchronization & backup i
Android & iOS support (smartphones)
Android & iOS support (tablets)
Performing student housing inspections Dorm Inspector App Floor Inspector App
Access all areas
Unit inspections
Perform Move-in & Out's
Perform Check-up's
Access per user limited to 1 floor and 1 building
Perform inspections on common areas
Perform Health, safety & Security Checks
Receive a handy list of upcoming inspections
Create issues (damages)
Assign perons responsible for damages
Create & assign work orders -
Assign issues to teams -
Assign cost of damages (pricing tables) -
Take unlimited pictures per area, issue,...
Access resident information (in-app)
E-mail resident
Handle residential life issues & fines
Register fines & warnings
Register contracts -
Manage building structure -
In-App signatures
Automatically send reports
Manager Dorm Floor
Access to the Manager i -
Multi-user i -
Manage your buildings -
Set notification settings -
Manage default rent periods -
Manage default fines & charges -
Edit default mail templates & clauses -
User management -
Role- & access management -
Manage resident information (students & tenants) -
Contract & room availability management -
Create new contracts -
Tenancy Booking tools -
Define & manage intervention teams -
Issue description & processing -
Assign issues to teams -
Maintenance-overview -
Manage Maintenance Work orders -
Follow-up on maintenance status -
API Access -
Export & Import data (contract, fines & issues) -
E-mail logs -
Reports Dorm Floor
Digital PDF reports i
Personalized styling & lay-out -
Support Dorm Floor
Online support -
Dedicated account manager -
Hotline support i -
Billing & Pricing Dorm Floor
Price per App user (per year) $60 $30
Price per bed (per year) $5 $5
Price per organization (per year) $600 $600

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