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Throw away those spreadsheets and get organized with Chapps!

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Manage your student housing inspections

We help you to take control with our Dorm Inspector App.

We understand that managing student housing and resident halls can be quite challenging, that’s why we created a specific tool for you to be able to handle this demanding job.
Our App lets you perform move-in and -out inspections, room condition reports and check-ups when needed. We give you the tools to quickly yet accurately deal with room inspections, issue handling, maintenance work orders and residential fines.

The App is supported by a handy back-office called the Chapps Dorm Manager, which allows you to access all of the recorded data at any times, be it maintenance work orders, handling of issues & fines, tenancy bookings, resident issue registration, asset registry, and much more.

So, what are you waiting for?
Discover the Chapps Dorm Inspector Solutions today and from now on work Smart, Fast and Accurate.

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The Chapps Dorm Manager

All of our solutions come with an extensive Chapps Dorm Manager.

We understand that all the data you collect is of extreme importance, that’s why we give you the tools to be in charge of your student housing and resident hall management.

  • Collects accurate maintenance data & creates work orders
  • Asset registry
  • Resident issue notification feature
  • Easily create, adapt & annotate issues
  • Create tenancy bookings
  • Handy overview of what your inspectors are doing at all times
  • Indicate App restrictions, identify roles
  • And much more….

The inspection reports

It gives you a reliable legal base in which to settle costs of issues & damages incurred.

An important aspect of conducting room inspections, RCR’s, student housing inspections whatever you name it, is of course creating inspection reports.

These reports will give you a reliable legal base in which to settle costs of issues & damages incurred.

Chapps offers a range of inspection reports from room condition reports, move-in reports, intermediate reports, move-out reports and monthly check-ups if needed. Feel free to take a look!



Yes! All of our Apps work offline.

Simply synchronize when an internet connection is available.
Do keep in mind when generating a PDF preview of your report on the App, you will need an internet connection.


We understand that different staff members will have different tasks & assignments.

That’s why we’ve introduced a role management system that allows you, as a manager, to decide who has access to what functionalities.
Simply indicate on the manager side what features your staff member can have access to. Be it to view or edit residents, hand out fines, perform unit inspections/room condition reports, in/out inspections, generate reports, access to the Chapps Dorm Manager and more….

Additionally, we have created a specific tool for your RA’s, called the Floor Inspector, which can have limited functionalities & accessibility to only a floor or a cluster of units.
This way your staff knows exactly what they’re supposed to do!


We make a distinction between;

  1. Move-in/room condition reports
  2. Move-outs
  3. Check-up reports (health, safety & security checks)

We do this for you! It’s part of our initialisation fee.

We realize that it’s essential that all buildings, units, elements and checklists, need to be recorded accurately, in order for you to collect accurate data.
That’s why we help you set-up all of your buildings.

Give us a shout if you are ready to give our App a try!
We are happy to provide you with a free trial (including  implementing & activating one of your buildings).


One way of linking your App data to your management software, next to using the API, is by importing & exporting your data in bulk. These in- and -out exports are done through our back-end Manager.

Data that can be exported are;

  1. Contracts & tenancy files. (Which can be imported using a pre-defined Excel format.)
  2. Residential fines. (These can be exported and settled all at once, so they’re ready for further processing in your management software.)
  3. Maintenance Data (work orders, tasks to be performed etc…)

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