Feature list Building Inspector

Features of the Building inspector App
The App Building Inspector App
Works offline i
App available in multiple languages i
Synchronization & backup i
Chapps Building Maker i
iOS support (smartphone & tablets)
Android support (smartphone & tablets) (*)
Performing Building inspections Building Inspector App
Prefilled with practical checklists & inspection types
Planning & assigning of inspections i
Multi-user i
Digital signature for inspector (in-app) i
Check Up-inspection on Health, Safety & Security i
Direct issue creation i
Inspection history logbook i
Full inspection visit i
Contact Directory i
Incident registration i (*)
Full Utility Check i (*)
Take up to 6 pictures per issue i
Make annotations on photos i
Perform meter readings i
Register individual and communal meters i
Create, assign & plan maintenance i
Follow-up on maintenance (*)
Manager Building Inspector
Access to the Manager i
Multi-user i
Role management i
Customize default checklists i (*)
Agenda i (*)
Planning & assigning of inspections i
Repository center (history) i
Issue handling i
Quality & efficiency controls i (*)
Data export i
API Access i
Software integrations i
Contact Management
Reports Building Inspector App
Digital PDF reports i
Full report i
Compact report i (*)
Issue report i
Annual report i (*)
Support Building Inspector
Online support
Dedicated account manager
Hotline support i (*)
Billing & Pricing Building Inspector App
Monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription adapted to your needs
Bill-to-Building (optional) i (*)
Price per App user (per year) $50 / £35
Price per building level (per year) $5 / £3,5
Price per unit (per year) i $5 / £3,5

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