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Perform professional building inspections with our handy Building Inspection App.

A building inspection App specifically created for building inspections to accommodate building & property managers, for multifamily and residential housing!

When making this inspection App, we faced many challenges.
Such as; how to structure the building inspections, how to support accurate monitoring of the building. All while still having a comfortable experience.
The Building Inspector App is about controlling & monitoring the state of the building.
It serves a range of purposes such as; Annual meeting reporting, Maintenance checks, Compliance controls, Supporting facility management and more…

Discover the Chapps Building Inspector and change your ways!

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The Building Monitor

All of our solutions come with a handy yet extensive Chapps Building Monitor.

Thanks to our complimentary Building Monitor, your online back-office, we help you to not only collect reliable and practical data, but we also make sure you can use this important data in a structured & systematic way. On this handy online back-office, you can create work orders, plan maintenance jobs, follow-up on tasks and much more. Our structured approach allows you to quickly generate the necessary building inspection reports. Be it on reliability, state of the building, annual meeting reports, compliance reports and more.

By using the Building Inspector, you work in a structured & documented way. We understand that all the data you collect is of extreme importance, that’s why we give you the tools to be in charge of your portfolio.

  • Handle issues or checkpoints
  • Organize maintenance / create work orders
  • Set-up users & rolls that fit your organizational structure
  • Plan & follow-up of inspections and inspectors
  • Reliability & probability controls based on GPS data
  • Prepare annual reports
  • Quality & efficiency controls to maintain your standards
  • API Access to integrate with your existing software

Performing inspections

Perform thorough and detailed building inspections for annual reporting, health and safety checks, security checks and many other types of inspections. This comes in handy when you are looking for maintenance or repair issues. Our Building Inspection App enables you to create work-orders directly.

Check-up inspections

Conducting regular Building inspections is essential for good building management.
Our Building Inspection App helps you to set up regular check-ups, be it for daily, weekly, even monthly use.

Organizing maintenance

The Building Inspector App is the ideal tool for your maintenance teams. They can consult work-orders, check on details, and directives. They can also indicate the progress of works and give feedback in the form of comments, pictures, sketches, …

Quick issue notation

Sometimes you will perform building visits without the intent to actually perform building inspections. That's why our Building Inspector App allows you to register issues, at any time. You can be confronted with a problem during a regular visit, not necessarily during a building inspection. This way you don’t lose time navigating the App. It’s the quickest way of registering issues.

Safety controls

As a building manager, you want to make sure that your buildings are conform and in order when it comes to health, safety, security and comfort. That's why we enable you to perform systematic, detailed and exhaustive inspections regarding health, safety & security risks, systems and basic comforts.

Perform meter readings

Correct registration of your buildings' meters, be they communal or private, is an essential part of your building management. That's why we made it easy to do so, we created a specific feature to do just this. Simply register and record, once completed you can create easy-to-read reports with all meter readings, ready for further processing.


Communicating with your residents is an essential part of your building management. That's why we made sure you can access your building contacts, at any time. Be it; resident or building documents, contacts, residents, and suppliers. You can also email, send texts, or phone contacts directly from the Building Inspector App. Of course, be sure to discover our Residenz Web-App if you would like your residents to communicate maintenance or signal any other issues to you.


We are more than happy to integrate with any software, that’s why we created an extended API, where data can be integrated into your back-office. Creating a link between softwares should never be difficult as this is a very easy thing to do. For more information contact us at

Single sign-on

All of our inspection Apps communicate with each other; they seamlessly integrate and send information back and forth, enabling you to easily switch back and forth from any of our inspection Apps. We were able to do this through a handy single sign-on system. By doing so, we created a well-rounded property inspection software where all aspects of your property management is covered.

Residenz App

Keep your residents involved and informed.

Don’t forget your residents, tenants, even landlords. With this extranet, they can signal problems, formulate requests. It all works with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, helping to select areas, elements, and types of problems. All at the hand of a handy suggestion list which contains frequently happening issues. Furthermore, there is support for commenting, taking pictures and making sketches. They can follow up on issues mentioned, building notifications, can consult personal or building documents, and much more…

Of course, this progressive Web-App comes with a supporting Residenz Manager. Here the manager handles all incoming notifications, publishes documents, decides on actions to be taken, and much more. This App can link up directly to our Dorm and Building Inspector and even to our new Maintenance Organizer.

  • Signal problems & issues
  • Tenant & landlord login
  • Messaging Center
  • Announcement feature
  • Create & assign maintenance work orders
  • Linked to the Building Inspector Monitor & Building Inspector App

Maintenance Organizer (Beta)

All our inspection Apps can be extended with our handy Maintenance Organizer.

Extend your Building Inspector App with our handy Maintenance organizer and take full control of your building maintenance.

All our Inspection Apps and their supporting Managers can create jobs and work orders. The Building Monitor even offers you some maintenance planning tools per building. But this is not always sufficient. That is why all our Inspection Apps can be linked to our Maintenance Organizer. This is the place for organizing maintenance, managing different maintenance teams, following up on planning and execution. Here you decide on urgencies and priorities. Furthermore, you can group jobs and launch a tender.

We also provide the maintenance teams or contractors with a progressive Maintenance Web-App. They consult their jobs, receive tasks, directives and send feedback. Everything works seamlessly together through our handy single sign-on system.

The building inspection reports

Discover the wide range of building inspection reports you can create

An important aspect of conducting building inspections is, of course, creating the inspection reports itself. Be it to comply with local rules and regulations on fire, health and safety audits, or annual reporting. The Building Inspector App provides you with a wide range of reports you can create.

  • Meter readings report
  • Audit report
  • State of building report
  • Building inspection reports
  • Maintenance reports
  • Health, safety & security reporting
  • Issue listing
  • Job listing
  • Inspection execution sheet




Yes! All of our Apps work offline (even for previewing your reports). Simply synchronize when an internet connection is available.


The Building Inspector App makes a clear distinction between organized or explicit inspection assignments and a “full” inspection. The App can be used for a variety of purposes. This can range from; health, safety & security checks, conformity checks, issue registration inspections, detailed inspections and more.

Each of these inspections can be performed in as much detail as you wish. You can choose for a full review of all maintenance needs, or simply visit a building and register issues when needed.
You can also, at any time register meter readings.

Suitable Industries?
  • Commercial property management
  • Condominium
  • HOA
  • Multifamily housing
  • Buildings
Who are the users we cater to?
  • Building Inspectors
  • Building Surveyors
  • Building Standards Co-ordinator
  • Property managers
  • Building Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Technical inspectors
  • HOA & social housing providers
  • Facility Managers
  • Maintenance teams
  • ARMA members
  • RICS Members
Does Chapps Customize?

Chapps does indeed customize for large clients, we understand that each property management or other organization has their own way of working. Therefore, we allow customization. For more information contact us at


You do not always need a full report. We understand that. That’s why we allow you to select the reports you need when you’re finishing up the inspection. Currently we support the following reports;

  1. The meter reading inspections allow you to collect meter readings both communal as well as individual meters.
  2. The safety & security report this report is available in 3 different formats;
    • The full inspection report, retaining all elements to be checked,
    • The compact inspection report, which only show all the negative checkpoints,
    • And last but not least the issue report, a report which retains all the issues recorded during the inspection.
  3. At any moment, you can create a detailed issue report for issued registered during an inspection, or even if you would like to see all open issues (including issue details, the kind of issues and the action to be taken).


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