Discover our Unique Business Logic


We understand that digitalizing your property management goes beyond using a simple checklist. Our business logic is unique you can store your data to the building, allowing your property managers to work together.  

Interested? Keep on reading and discover how our Building Inspector App stands out and explore the unique advantages.

Store your data to the building   

We are unique when it comes to our data processing. You may be used to storing all the information you gather during an inspection to your checklist. But once the information is stored on the checklist, it’s not always easy to keep track of it. With our Building Inspector, you can store all this data to the building itself that way you keep an overview of every single issue that has been registered for your building, and you can be sure that no work will be lost.  

Collaborative property management  

Collaboration is key. Since all the data is stored to the building, all your property managers will be able to see what remarks and issues their colleagues have registered during their inspections. This will prevent repetitive work and allow your property managers to work together as a team.  

Start and stop your inspection any time   

Being a property manager can be hectic, we know that sometimes you have to stop an inspection unexpectedly. With our app you can quickly stop your inspection without losing any data and continue at any time. All our inspections are time-stamped, you will immediately see the date & time you last worked on the inspection.  

Flexible workflow  

We understand that not all property managers have the same needs. Sometimes you want to check the fire exits instead of doing a full audit inspection – and that is perfectly okay, we allow for a flexible workflow. You don’t have to complete the entire checklist; you can easily create an inspection report of only a part of the checklist. You can even note down issues without performing an inspection.   

We support your way of working, that is why we have tailored our products to suit your needs and allow you to have as convenient experience as possible. Make sure you visit our website to find the most suitable package for you.