The Brand New Building Lite is here!


The wait is over!  

We are extremely proud to announce that our Building Inspector Lite is here. 

The Building Inspector Lite is designed for property managers who want to perform building inspections with a professional, yet easy to use app. The Building Lite lets you perform quick &easy inspections without any fuss. 

What can our Inspection App mean for you? 

The Building Inspector Lite includes a App and a limited online back office; we call the Manager. With the App, you can: Perform building inspections, record meter readings, take pictures & notes, generate automatic PDF reports on the spot and send work orders immediately to your maintenance team or contractors via e-mail. 

On the Manager, you can download your building reports, schedule your inspections, and have an overview of all your issues and teams. We keep it nice and easy. 

What makes the Lite different?

Unlike other inspection apps, you are not overwhelmed with overcomplicated features you will never use. It’s a simple tool, perfect for every inspector that wants to generate quick yet thorough inspection reports. 

So, what are you waiting for? Head to our website and request a free trial here and discover the Building Inspector Lite for yourself! The app is available on IOS and Android on tablets & smartphones in 5 different languages.