3 reasons why regular fire inspections are important


All building systems need to be checked regularly, and fire detection systems are no exception. The recent tragic fire in a New York apartment block has shed light on the importance of regular inspections and why they are crucial when ensuring the safety of the building for its inhabitants.

Even though many businesses and property owners already allocate a large budget for installing fire alarm systems, many don’t keep up with the annual check-ups. But if your fire detection systems are not working correctly, what’s the point of having them? Here are three reasons why regular fire inspections are essential to your building management.

Life safety of your residents

The number one reason to conduct annual fire inspections is to ensure the safety of your inhabitants. Regular inspections and maintenance assure residents a safe working and living environment.

Inspections extend the life of your fire detection system 

Fire inspections are meant to detect problems and check that your systems are doing what they are supposed to do. Regular maintenance can significantly extend the life of your fire alarm systems by detecting potential problems before they occur. Just like with a car, it is often easier (and cheaper!) to repair parts that are no longer working optimally before they get into a critical condition or, even worse, can no longer be fixed and therefore need to be replaced.

Avoid paying high insurance rates

Finally, it happens regularly that insurance companies offer discounts or better rates for buildings with properly installed and regularly checked fire safety systems. According to Nationwide, most of the time, properties with a high risk have higher building insurance rates compared to while lower-risk properties cost less to insure.