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Welcome to Chapps, you just took your first step in digitalising your property inspection processes.

Explore our wide range of property inspection apps and discover how we can change the way you work! We proud ourselves in creating user-friendly and professional property inspection apps/ software for the property management industry. We think you need much more than just some checklist.

We know that different types of property management have different needs and come with their own set of unique challenges. That’s why we created a range of unique apps each bespoke to the sector at hand, making sure that all these tools work seamlessly together, ensuring smooth cooperation between the different department all nestled into one handy back office.

Discover our property inspection apps & software today.

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The Building Inspection App

Take control of your block & building inspections with our professional yet easy to use building inspection app.

A building inspection app specifically created to accommodate building & block managers for multifamily, residential, industrial and commercial properties.

Be sure to explore this app if you are interested in;

  • Routine site visits & audit inspections
  • Health, fire and safety inspections
  • Communal area & block inspections
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Compliance controls
  • and more…

The Building Manager

The ultimate online back-office where you can manage all that data you collected with the Building Inspector App. If you are looking to take control of your building management this online back-office is the perfect tool for you.

The Building Manager is great if you want to;

  • Schedule and organise  your team members routine inspections
  • If you want to synthesise the information collected by your inspectors
  • If you want to handle your maintenance data
  • Personalise reports and building inspection checklists
  • And much more …

The Rental Inspection App

Discover our very first inspection app, specifically made for your property inspections be it; residential, commercial, public or private we’ve got you covered. This inspection app is great when you need to perform move-in/out, mid-term inspections.

Be sure to explore this app if you are interested in;

  • Move-in/out inspections
  • Mid-term inspections
  • Inventory inspections
  • Renovation checks
  • We support rental property inspections for any type of property (residential, commercial, industrial)
  • And much more…

Stop using pen & paper, choose efficiency, try our property inspection app. Discover it’s power today!


The Rental Manager

Take charge of your property inspections & inspectors with our Rental Manager the online back-office where you can manage all the data you collected with the Rental Inspection App. If you are looking to take control of your rental & property inspection process then this is the perfect tool for you.

The Rental Manager is great if you want to;

  • Schedule and organise your team members routine inspections
  • If you want to post-process reports
  • If you want to handle your maintenance data
  • Personalise reports and rental inspection checklists
  • And much more …

The Room Inspection App

Discover our Room Inspection App! An inspection app specifically made for your room inspections. Our app is suitable for both large and small student housing providers and can be used by both private and public organisations. This app is great when you need to perform a lot of move-in/out, mid-term inspections. Discover its power.

Be sure to explore this app if you are interested in;

  • Move-in/out inspections
  • Mid-term & check-up inspections
  • Residential life
  • Improving your student accommodation
  • Quickly turning over your rooms

Throw away those spreadsheets and get organised with Chapps!


The Dorm Manager

Take charge of your student housing management today with our handy Dorm Manager, the ultimate tool to take care of all the information you collected in the app.

This online back-office is the perfect tool if you want to;

  • Enhance quick turnovers
  • Perform tenancy bookings
  • Collect & distribute relevant maintenance information
  • Distribute fines and charges
  • Take charge of your inspection data

Discover our many features.


The Web-App for your maintenance team

Are you tired of chasing your maintenance guys, and looking for a way to streamline your maintenance reporting? Then our Maintenance Now App is just what you need. Your maintenance team or contractors receive tasks with instructions on this handy app, once accepted they can give feedback on whether or not they were able to perform the task. Next to that, they can take pictures of the completed work, and if not tell you why.

Stop working with all these different tools and streamline your maintenance reporting process today.


Take charge of your maintenance organisation today

Discover our handy repair & maintenance software we call the maintenance organizer. The ultimate maintenance software for organising your maintenance and managing your maintenance teams. If all this sounds like music to your ears then click on through and discover the many features this great tool has on offer.

  • Receive an overview of planned maintenance per team or per site/building
  • Ability to distribute maintenance work orders and adjust schedules
  • Receive feedback on planned or completed maintenance tasks
  • Accept or reject the completed tasks- give feedback
  • Work with contractors
  • Create multiple jobs for one issue

The Tenant Notification App

Are you struggling to keep track of your resident’s request and issue reporting? Look no further! We have exactly what you need. Our Resident Portal is the ideal tool for keeping track of your resident notifications. Make sure everyone is happy.

Our repair reporting system facilitates communication between landlords and leaseholders, property managers and tenants. Quickly signal repairs and communicate through our message centre. Discover the tenant side of this tool today.


The Residenz Manager; a portal for the property manager or owner

This handy back-office allows you to handle and process all residents’ queries. You can at any stage communicate with your tenants/residents, make announcements (individually or in bulk), escalate issues, communicate with our chat function, and much more. Discover the power of our tenant notification software.


The Intake Inspection App

Explore the latest addition to our inspection app range namely the intake inspection app an app specifically created for asset and property managers or building developers. The app supports commercial, residential and industrial intake inspections.

It’s the perfect way to perform your technical property inspections, allowing you to create an accurate analysis of the state of the building.


The Master Manager

Chapps is created to improve the intertwining of different departments, that’s why we have different solutions for different property management needs, each one kept in mind the specific needs and challenges.

As the master manager, you receive control over the information of all these departments, by easily switching back and forth between the different platforms. Navigating between the programs is lightning fast, in both directions. You never really have to wait. Because you always find the data you need.

We use a single sign-in platform making it easy for you to remain in control. Interested? Click below to find out more


Coming Soon 2021: Home Quality Control App

Stay tuned on the development of this app and subscribe to our newsletter below!


Open API Chapps

Do you run a larger real estate office with multiple locations or are you a chain or group of real estate offices? Then Skarabee is the logical choice. Because only Skarabee offers you all the necessary tools to manage your business as a whole.

  • Exchange of premises between the branches
  • Real-time follow-up of your offices and employees
  • Group distribution of templates, documents and work planning
  • Advanced management dashboard for sales and commissions

Implement our property inspection software in 3 steps

We understand that change can seem daunting at times. There can be many factors holding your organisation back and stifling improvements. Chapps is conscious of this and has structured it’s products to be simple to implement. What can seem like massive organisational overhauls are found to be easy and enlightening experiences, where companies ditch outdated practices and embrace intelligent and intuitive tools. Clean, uncomplicated interfaces balance perfectly with sophisticated feature-sets. Onboarding your team will be simple, follow these 3 simple steps and we make sure starting up with Chapps is a breeze.

Property maintenance app

The only maintenance app your maintenance team will ever need.

Maintenance phone

Assign and dispatch jobs to your maintenance teams

With our handy repair & maintenance software, you can easily assign your maintenance teams and contractors specific work orders to their maintenance app. You can at any time dispatch tasks, give additional comments, group jobs, and much more.

This productivity powerhouse will simplify and speed up your maintenance management.

Set default teams for certain maintenance job types

Of course, not every recorded maintenance action requires a manager’s specific input. Default teams can be set for simpler or more routine tasks, with the manager only being involved for the less routine stuff. This built-in efficiency solution is quick to configure and easy to adjust, as teams grow and their competencies and availabilities change over time.

Assign maintenance tasks to independent contractors

The maintenance app can also be used by contractors. They can take pictures, leave comments and declare jobs complete, leaving you to just review and accept the delivered results. We know this can be ad hoc, that’s why you can simply activate and deactivate their app access for your buildings – they may already be using the app for other building management companies.

Maintenance teams can provide feedback and evidence

Your team can provide both text-based and multimedia feedback to the property manager via their app. When a maintenance job is complete, photographic evidence can be provided showing that the job has indeed been carried out to the required standard. Similarly, should a job be declined for reasons such as lack of access, evidence of this can also be logged, informing the manager of the reasons for any hold-ups.

Decline or accept completed work orders

Your maintenance teams can also, at any time accept or decline a specific work order. When doing so they can provide feedback as to why they are unable to perform this particular job, take pictures and leave notes. They can postpone a task, but again they will need to give a reason for why the task is postponed.

By doing so, we facilitate a smooth interaction between you the manager, and your maintenance teams or contractors.

Export your data

For maintenance teams of all types, the Maintenance Organizer App is an enabling tool. It lets them plan and carries out their work with more focus, allowing them to stay on track and be more efficient. Through the app, maintenance teams are fully informed of the underlying issue that has been turned into a job. Teams are informed of the level of priority of a job and can see any associated multimedia – ensuring they are fully equipped when they arrive onsite.

Integrate seamlessly into your current workflow

We are more than happy to integrate with any software that you already happen to use. That’s why we created an extended API. The API data can be integrated seamlessly and effortlessly into your back-office. Creating a link between software is never difficult with our extensive and well-thought-out API solution. For more information contact us at discover@chapps.com.

Maintenance Now Web-App

Your maintenance teams work like a dream

Our Maintenance Now Web-App was created for your maintenance teams and contractors. This handy online web-app is easy to use and a great way to streamline work order distribution. You can activate this app on a case-by-case basis, and de-activate it as easily.

You can distribute your work orders to your maintenance teams, job per job. They receive this information by email and on their handy app. You can also follow up on the progress of these jobs on a case-by-case basis. By using this app you give them the necessary tools to receive their tasks, along with detailed instructions.

Be sure to have a look below at some of the features this app has on offer.

  • Receive grouped or individual work orders
  • Decline or accept work orders
  • Provide feedback on completed work
  • Change due dates
  • Works on any device
  • Individual logins
  • And much more ...