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Our Full Student Housing Package is designed for daily use.
Explore the power of our inspection apps & software for your organization. We cover all your inspection & student management needs.

It is a real App. You don’t have to be online to use it. Works on Smartphones & Tablets on Android & iOS.

Create your very own checklists. Take pictures and make sketches. You can do it all on the app.

Creates Automatic PDF reports that can be sent to the student directly or to the manager for processing later on.

The Master manager lets you manage tenant bookings, set charges, access reports, distribute fines, access maintenance, and much more.

We eliminate scheduling work by using the tenant's contract date to automatically schedule your inspections and set reminders.

Access your student`s file and overview of all issues/fines at any time.

Easily allow your students to identify issues or have your inspectors note down issues.

Supports the role of your housing assistants (RD’s and RA’s).

Easily identify maintenance jobs/tasks during the inspection process or on your manager when you have time.

For extra maintenance organization tools, you can activate our Maintenance Organizer solution and our Maintenance Now App.

Your package

The Full Student Housing Package

Working in harmony.

Discover our powerful Full Student Housing Package made for student housing providers who want to take control of their inspection process, improve communication with their students/residents and organize their maintenance.

This package includes a handy Dorm Inspector App, a Resident Portal for your students, and extensive maintenance tools. Making your team work in harmony.

Discover how our solutions can fit your needs.

The Master Manager

The Dorm Inspector App comes with an extensive management software where you can further process your student’s data, from booking rooms, downloading reports, emailing students, making announcements to identifying maintenance, and much more… If you want to automate and streamline your student housing management this package is perfect for you.

Manage your students, set charges, and define fines. All your maintenance data is at your fingertips, allowing you to organize and distribute work to your teams. Our tools are specifically designed to make people work together. We help you to set up roles and define access rights, be it for student staff, housing officers, inspectors, maintenance teams, and more.

  • Room inspections – move-in/out and checkup inspections
  • Automatic pdf reports
  • Resident Web-App/Portable (white labeling)
  • Easily create, adapt & annotate issues
  • History of communication
  • Create tenancy bookings, allocate students to rooms
  • Indicate app restrictions and identify roles
  • Collect accurate maintenance data & create work orders
  • And much more…

The App

We understand that managing student housing inspections can be quite challenging, that’s why we created a specific tool for you to be able to handle this demanding job.
We give you the tools to quickly, yet accurately deal with room inspections, issue handling, maintenance work orders, and residential fines.

  • Works offline & online on any android or iOS Smartphone or Tablet
  • Create your own checklists
  • Perform move-in/out and check-up inspections
  • Take pictures & make sketches on the app
  • Contract-based scheduling of inspections
  • All pictures are time & date stamped and automatically added to the right section in your report
  • Consecutive inspections supported – we remember what you last did saving you time when performing another inspection
  • Inspect common areas

Residenz Web-App/ Portal

The final piece of the puzzle that gives you complete control of your student housing management is the Resident Portal, this is a great tool to improve communication between you and your students.

You can decide which residents can make use of this handy tool, they will receive a link to a handy portal where they can easily communicate with you on maintenance or resident issues and more. We even provide you with the tools to send any relevant information to the resident or have them perform very quick checks.

Maintenance Organizer & App

Included in the Full Student Housing package is the Maintenance Now app & Organizer.

This is the tool you need when you want to take control of your maintenance management allocating, distribute and follow up on issues, jobs and work orders. Arrange your team’s schedule and work with contractors.  The Maintenance Now web-app is created for your maintenance guys and contractors. It can be used on any device in over 6 languages.

Customize your account

We make sure the software is the right fit. You can do this yourself or allow us to do this for you, for a small fee. We make sure all your information is entered into the system, along with all the accompanying checklists and customization requirements. This way everything is ready for you to work effectively and efficiently.

Onboard your team

Once your account is ready, it’s time to get your inspectors and team on board. Getting them started is easy. They should all receive a brief email prompting them to register & confirm their accounts. We have plenty of onboarding training support and videos should this be needed.

Get started

Now that your inspectors have started inspecting, you will receive all this data in your online back office. All of your information is at your fingertips, in one handy back office.