Building Management

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Discover the key features

From now on performing building inspections, registering issues, becomes easy, well documented, and most importantly reliable. Stop wasting time and start using a powerful & user-friendly app and generate reports directly, sign, and send them. It's as easy as one-two-three.

It is a real App. You don’t have to be online to use it. Works on Smartphones & Tablets on Android & iOS.

Create your own checklists and create mandatory checkpoints so you do not forget anything.

Generate reports automatically. Simply generate and you will receive the reports straight into your email account as a handy PDF Report.

We support the recording of meters.

Keep an overview of all data.

Easily generate a “state of the building” report.

Preparing the annual report becomes a lot more easy and reliable.

Distribute, follow up and support your maintenance teams.

Your package

Building Management Lite Package

If you are looking to digitalize your building inspections? Are you still using pen & paper? Want to start up a modern tool, then our Building Management Lite Package is perfect for getting you started

The Building Management Lite Package comes with a handy App and a limited Manager.

Saving you time & money!

Building Inspector Lite

This tool is great when you want to digitalize your building inspections, routine site visits & quick audit inspections, and more.

  • Health, fire, and safety inspections
  • Communal area & Building inspections
  • Compliance controls
  • Meter readings
  • Generate automatic PDF Reports
  • and more…

The Master Manager

The Building Inspector Lite package comes with a limited management software where you can download different types of building reports, schedule your inspections and more. If you want to digitalize and streamline your building inspection process then our Building management Lite package is a must-have for you.

Customize your account

Simply download the app and log in to your manager and start creating your buildings and checklists. We make sure the software is the right fit. We can, of course, also do this for you.

Onboard your team

Once your account is ready, it’s time to get your inspectors and team on board. Getting them started is easy. They should all receive a brief email prompting them to register & confirm their accounts. We have plenty of onboarding training support and videos should this be needed.

Get started

Now that your inspectors have started inspecting, you will receive all this data in your online back office. With this information, you can easily draft reports, schedule maintenance and create follow-up actions. All of your information is at your fingertips, on one handy back office.