Facility Management

Digitalize your inspections

Discover the key features

Modernize your facility management with our brand new Facility Management Package discover some of the many benefits below!

The app works offline on Smartphones & tablets - iOS & Android

A comprehensive manager where you can access and work with all of the inspection data

Easily schedule your team's routine inspections on the app or manager side

Perform specific, detailed system inspections based on your very own checklists

Comprehensive monitoring tools included such as GPS tracking, time & date stamps and much more

Plenty of maintenance tracking, work order creation, and maintenance organization tools

Perform your building inspections

Supports walkthrough, Audit, System, and many other types of inspections

Manage your team

The system creates the PDF reports in your company's style automatically no more post-processing needed

Of course, there also is a handy web-app for your maintenance teams and contractors where they can receive and send through completed works

Your package

The Facility Management Package, made just for you.

Facility Management Package

Working in harmony.

Discover our powerful Facility Management Package made for facility managers who want to take control of their buildings, systems and maintenance and ensure that these buildings are safe & compliant.

This package includes a handy Building Inspector, and Maintenance app for your maintenance teams. Making your team work in harmony.

Discover how our solutions can fit your needs.

The Master Manager

The Facility Management Package comes with an extensive management software where you can further schedule routine and other types of building & system inspections, identify maintenance, allocate jobs, download different types of building reports, implement reliability controls on your inspectors, and much more… If you want to automate and streamline your facility management then the Facility Management Package is a must-have for you.

The App

This tool is great when you need to perform routine audit inspections for your health, safety, and security checks. But it also offers a wide range of other inspections such as caretaker inspections, system inspections, meter readings, on the spot work-order creations, and much more.

  • Routine site visits & quick audit inspections
  • Walkthrough inspections
  • Create any type of system inspection
  • Create your own check-up inspections and specific reporting
  • Health, fire, and safety inspections
  • Communal area & block inspections
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Compliance controls
  • Meter readings
  • System inspections
  • GPS tracking and time controls
  • and more…

Additional maintenance features

The Facility Management Package comes with an extensive management software where you can further identify maintenance, allocate jobs, manage your team’s workload, receive feedback on completed tasks, accept or decline work and much more… If you want to automate and streamline your maintenance management then this package is a must-have for you.

Maintenance Now

Included in your package is the Maintenance Now app.

This is the tool you need when you want to take control of your maintenance management allocating, distribute and follow up on issues, jobs and work orders. Arrange your team’s schedule and work with contractors.  The Maintenance Now web-app is created for your maintenance guys and contractors. It can be used on any device in over 6 languages.

Customize your account

Simply download the app and log in to your manager and start creating your buildings and checklists. We make sure the software is the right fit. We can, of course, also do this for you.

Onboard your team

Once your account is ready, it’s time to get your inspectors and team on board. Getting them started is easy. They should all receive a brief email prompting them to register & confirm their accounts. We have plenty of onboarding training support and videos should this be needed.

Get started

Now that your inspectors have started inspecting, you will receive all this data in your online back office. With this information, you can easily draft reports, schedule maintenance, and create follow-up actions. All of your information is at your fingertips, on one handy back office.

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