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Tenant Repair Reporting System

The ultimate reporting tool for leaseholders, tenants and students!

Discover our unique repair reporting system

Our repair reporting system facilitates communication between leaseholders, PM's and tenants - Quickly signal repairs and communicate through our message centre

Our handy tenant maintenance repair reporting web-app is an indispensable tool in modern property management. At Chapps, we understand that you have to keep your residents/tenants and leaseholders involved and informed. It’s essential to offer them an accessible and straightforward tool to signal problems and make remarks and requests.

It is also the place where they find documents, consult announcements and have access to the handy tenant messaging system, that enables direct communication with their leaseholder or building manager. This intuitive and easy-to-use interface helps residents to quickly signal urgent issues, send messages, make maintenance requests and more. Each resident will have a history of their requests.

It’s an indispensable tool in modern property management.

Discover the many features our repair reporting system has to offer.

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The Residenz Portal

Our tenant maintenance reporting platform is the ultimate central communication system for your residents and leaseholder

It all works with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, optimised for smartphones. When signalling a problem, your tenants/residents can simply scroll through and choose from the handy pictograms, helping them to select areas, elements and types of issues, with the aid of a suggestion list, which contains frequently occurring problems. The resident/tenant can then describe, leave comments, take pictures and make sketches of the issue. They can follow up on issues mentioned and building notifications, consult personal or building documents, and much more.

Of course, this progressive web-app comes with a supporting Residenz Manager. Here, the manager handles all incoming notifications, publishes documents, decides on actions to be taken, and much more. This app can link up directly to our Dorm, Rental and Building Inspectors and even to our new Maintenance Organizer.

  • Signal problems, issues, requests and remarks
  • Consult announcements
  • Access building related or personal documents
  • Stay in touch through our handy messaging centre/system
  • Ability to add on a brief move-in, move-out checklists for residents (coming soon)
  • Link up to the Dorm Inspector, Rental Inspector or to the Building Inspector
  • Post-process data and set actions or maintenance jobs
  • Customise and personalise the website layout

Tenant messaging system

Our handy tenant messaging system allows you to be in contact with the residents 24/7.
This enables you to communicate with the resident and directly request additional information, helping you to easily and effectively schedule needed repairs.

Tenants issue reporting

Through our handy maintenance reporting app for tenants, your residents can easily and quickly identify any issue in their apartment/house or building.
They can take handy pictures, describe the issues and express urgencies.

Through a handy overview, the tenant can see what is happening with their request, whether it has been processed, it is still open or someone has been assigned to come and resolve the issue.

Take pictures

The tenant/resident can take pictures and detail them, making it easier for the manager to create work orders and decide on the severity of the issues at hand.


In addition to our handy messaging system, the portal also allows you as the leaseholder or property manager to communicate any essential announcements, be it; scheduled fire drills, building maintenance, any statements concerning the building/ apartment/ dwelling or, any other type of news or information you wish to share with the resident.


As a leaseholder or property manager, we know you have plenty of relevant documents you wish to share with your tenants or residents.
Our handy document feature allows the leaseholder to send through any helpful documents, be it move-in/out reports, inventory reports, invoices and more.

The Residenz Manager

This handy online, cloud-based back-office is where you can access all the reported information and notifications, respond to tenants, escalate issues, create work orders and identify actions that need to occur.

Handling work orders and requests

Our handy Residenz Manager allows you to escalate notifications to actual issues, create work orders, communicate with residents to ask them additional questions or schedule an appointment for repairs.


Customisation for companies is possible. We understand that large organisations might have additional needs and we are more than happy to implement these.


We are more than happy to integrate with any software. That’s why we created an extended API, where data can be integrated into your back-office. Creating a link between software should never be difficult, as this is a straightforward concept. For more information, contact us at

Quick move-in/out inspections: coming soon

Sometimes you would like your tenants/residents to perform a quick move-in or -out inspection. For those interested in this feature, we can add this to your account.


We allow for white labelling, meaning that your organisation's logos, name and colours will appear and all references to Chapps will disappear.

Single sign-on

All of our inspection apps communicate directly with each other; they seamlessly integrate and send information back and forth, enabling you to easily switch between any of our apps. We were able to do this through a handy single sign-on system. By doing so, we created a well-rounded property inspection software, where all aspects of your property management needs are covered.

How it all works

Integration is key

All of our inspection apps communicate with each other. They seamlessly integrate and send information back and forth, allowing you to easily toggle between your Maintenance Organizer and Building Inspector and more. By doing so, we created a well-rounded inspection software, where all aspects of your property management are covered. Our approach is unique, we think that different types of property management have different needs, and these needs have to be accommodated accordingly. All our inspection apps are off the shelve and can be used immediately!

We can easily integrate with your primary software, due to our handy API. Find out more on our Partners page.

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