Feature list Rental Inspector

Lite Pro Premium
Inventory Inspection App Lite Pro Premium
Android & iOS tablets supported
Works offline i
Multilingual i
Synchronization & backup i optional
Performing inspections Lite Pro Premium
Number of properties i max. 10
Consecutive inspections i
Assymetric inspections i
Prefilled with practical checklists i
Adapt checklist on-the-go i
Create issues i
Summary view i
Predefined checklists for common furniture i -
Parts & sub-elements i -
Take pictures per element, issue,… i max. 2 max. 6 max. 6
Make sketches i
Make annotations on photos i -
Copy-paste-duplicate i
Use-as-standard i -
Reference objects i - -
Digital signature (in-app) i
Automatic mailing of PDF reports i
Previsualize reports i -
Proposal to settlement i -
Registering tenant alterations i - -
Make use of pricing tables i - -
Assigning work orders i - -
Manager Litle Pro Premium
Access to the Manager i -
Multi-user i - max. 3
API Access i - limited
Customize default checklists i -
Maintenance Web-App i -
Planning & follow-up tools i -
Issue handling - -
Quality & efficiency controls i - -
Pricing tables for setting charges i - -
Reports Lite Pro Premium
Digital PDF reports i
Full report i
Attention list i
Job list i
Post-processing i -
Personlization i -
Take-over list i -
Confirmation procedure i -
Tenant-alterations report - -
Support Lite Pro Premium
Dedicated account manager -
Online support -
Hotline support i - -
Billing & Pricing Lite Pro Premium
Pre-paid -
Post-paid - -
(Re-)activation / restoring fee i $5 free free
Price per inspection $5 $5 $5
Price per user i - $120 $240
Price per organisation i - - $600

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