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The Dorm Building Maker

The App is “Plug & Play”. All of our apps come fully prepared with pre-defined checklists.  But every building is just a little bit different, that’s why we let you create your own buildings, spaces or create and adapt checklists. Creating, setting-up and adapting the building is a piece of cake!


  • Set the address.
  • Indicate the number and kind of levels/floors/rooms.
  • Finalise your level by indicating number and type of units and areas.
  • Per unit indicate if it’s a common area, service area, office space or private unit.

Make use of our handy grouping feature that lets you group rooms or common areas when you are dealing with a lot of them! Creating a building is quick & easy when you make use of our duplicate feature on either unit, area and floor levels. You can even duplicate complete buildings. And don’t worry if you missed something, you can adjust your buildings as you go! We provide you with a wide range of features to edit the building and the attached checklist, as well in the app itself as in the Dorm Manager. So, don’t worry, just start by using our default lists and discover the power of this app.

Still seems like a daunting task? Then have no fear Chapps is here. We can enter buildings, common areas, rooms with your adapted checklist into the App for a small insertion fee.

The Resident Portal

Would you like your students to communicate with you directly about the state of their rooms, all whilst maintaining control? Now, you can through the Chapps Resident Portal, this is a handy add-on to the Chapps Dorm Inspector & Manager. The Resident Portal allows your students to communicate any damages incurred in their rooms, common areas and more. This will help you as the housing officer to remain in control! While not having to conduct inspections all year round. If you already have a portal that deals with similar issues, then Chapps has a handy API that we can link your software with so this information is send back and forth.

Resident Notification feature

Once you have implemented the Residential Portal you can make use of the handy Resident Notification feature which can be accessed via your Chapps Dorm Manager. Simply select a building of choice and click on resident notification, this handy feature allows you to check out any issues or damages sent by students. This tool lets you have a look at pictures and description of the issue, which you then can either escalate to a maintenance order or can dismiss if you see fit. It’s a handy way to keep up-to-date on what’s happening in your buildings.

Asset Registry

Make use of our latest feature namely; the Asset Registry, this keeps track of your furniture. Allocate the original buy-in price, identify the age of the items, when they need to be replaced, who needs to pay (when you work with different landlords) and more…

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