Discover our new Building Inspector App and the many features it entails!


Discover the Chapps Building Inspector App features we refer to as tiles, each one representing a handy but essential feature when performing your building & block inspections!


  1. The Inspect-tile
    This feature allows you to execute a thorough inspection in which you look for things that require maintenance or need repairs. This is an action-driven inspection which allows you to create work-orders. We understand that this is often an explicit assignment, a systematic inspection or generating specific reports.

  1. Meters-tile
    The Meter-Tile supports meter readings, be it for communal meters or for individual private meters. This creates an easy-to-read report with all meter readings, data and such ready for further processing!

  1. Checkup-tile
    A check-up is about quickly identifying Health, Safety & Security risks. We provide you with a number of exhaustive checklists depending on the kind of area you wish to inspect. This in turn assists you in spotting things that are out of the ordinary and/or need attention.

  1. The Issue-tile
    This particular tiles, let’s you register an issue at any time. We understand that you can be confronted with a problem during a regular visit, not necessary during an inspection. This way you don’t lose time navigating through the App, you can quickly and easily register an issue.

  1. Contacts-tile
    Always have your primary building contacts ready, even on-site. Allowing you to have access to all contacts related to the building, residents or suppliers at all times. You can even have access to their related documents.

  1. Documents-tile
    With one simple click, you can quickly browse through all important documents, schedules, or any information regarding the building.

  1. Logbook-tile
    The Logbook Tile provides you with a handy overview of all recent inspections (of all types) on the current building. This tile puts you in full control. You can at all times, see what’s being done on the building in the past, by yourself, or your colleagues.

  1. Maintenance-tile
    This tile is an essential tool for your maintenance crew. They receive a handy to do list where they can indicate progress, status of their work orders/maintenance and provide feedback whenever necessary!

Our inspection solution is innovative in many ways. The intuitive navigation guarantees that you stay focused and keep a clear overview at all times. The App comes fully prepared and is ready for immediate use. With the smart building maker, setting-up/creating your buildings is a breeze. Our handy interface makes capturing data and recording issues easy, fast and reliable.

Stop improvising and take full control today!

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