14 reasons to choose the Chapps Rental Inspector App


There are a lot of reasons why the Chapps Rental Inspector is so different.
What makes it the right solution, a professional solution?
The only real solution for executing rental inspections?

Let’s discover the 14 reasons why you should choose the Chapps Rental Inspector App together!

  1. The App works on Apple & Android tablets.
  2. Works offline, simply synchronise!
  3. Easy navigation, never forget anything, keep an overview at all times.
  4. Pre-defined checklist, that are customisable!
  5. Supports a wide range of inspection types.
  6. You choose in how much detail you want to work in.
  7. Get the issue detailing right, thanks to an elaborate issue & action concept.
  8. Supports interaction at any moment go to summary, adjust, detail, request agreement.
  9. Calculation of costs.
  10. In-app signature and automatically generating different report formats.
  11. Structured & personalised reporting.
  12. Managing your inspections & inspectors.
  13. Organise maintenance.
  14. No repetitive work make use of several productivity tools: use as standard, duplicate elements, even areas, start from a reference object, …

Work fast whenever you can, in detail when needed. Make sure your inspections are valuable. Discover our professional inspection tool, which is designed without compromises. We offer you the flexibility to operate in all conditions. Work smart, fast and accurate.

Stop using pen & paper,
choose efficiency, choose Chapps!

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