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Inventory inspection back office and tablet

As a letting agent, we understand you are faced with many challenges on a daily basis. One of them being, managing your rental inspections in a professional and efficient way.

You need to make sure that your move-in and out inspections are not only accurate but fair. You want to report the state of the property you manage, make sure that everything is alright and hold tenants accountable.

That’s why we created a professional yet easy to use tool that helps you create professional inventory inspection reports in a flash. Our app allows you to create a wide range of inspections, be it move-ins and -outs, inventory checks, renovation checks, rental inventory inspections or routine check-ups, you name it we have it. Our smart user interface and interactive features guarantee a quick, yet accurate recording.

In addition, we supply you with the necessary management tools, which allow you to easily access maintenance data, schedule your inspections and control your inspectors & inspections.

If all this sounds like music to your ears, then you have come to the right place.

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Housing director

Rental inspections

For this specific use, we suggest our Rental Inspector App, a great tool for managing your letting management and rental (inventory) inspection processes. By having your letting department make use of this tool, you are streamlining your inspection operations.

  • Move-in and out inspections
  • Inventory inspections, intermediate inspections, check-up inspections, renovation inspections and many more
  • Base inspections on previously performed inspections, gaining you a lot of time
  • Schedule inspections
  • Easily take pictures and videos of issues
  • Charge tenants for damages incurred
  • Work in as much detail as you wish
  • Handy online back office, where you can process all your data
  • Identify maintenance issues
  • Works offline on Android & iOS devices
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Residents communication

Communicate with your residents

Want to improve communication with your residents? Then we propose the Residenz Portal, a handy online portal for your residents, where you enable two-way communication between the resident and the letting managers. Below some handy features the tenant can make use of;

  • They can signal problems, issues, requests and remarks
  • Consult building announcements
  • Access building or personal documents
  • Stay in touch through our handy messaging centre/system
  • Links up to the Rental Inspector or to the Building Inspector
  • Customise and personalise the website layout
  • Available in over 5 languages
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Let's discover our inventory inspection app

Our rental inspection app works offline on both iOS and Android tablets

Create your own or use our pre-defined checklists

Our handy inspection app allows you to create your own inspection checklists at any time. You can choose from one of our 15 pre-defined checklists and adapt them as you go, which saves you a lot of precious time. You can alternatively add the areas and elements manually on the app or back-office. It’s as easy as one-two-three.

Schedule your inspections and inspectors

A function for scheduling your inspections is a must-have for any inspection tool, enabling you to efficiently run the inspection process. You can allocate times and inspectors for each specific inspection. This happens in the back office.

Of course, you can if you want also create an inspection on the go, straight onto your app.

Go in as much or as little detail as you want

We understand that each property manager, surveyor or letting agent has their own way of working. Some of you like to go in a lot of detail, indicating the colour, the make and even the material of each element. Of course, you do not have to do this, you can also simply leave the element as is and simply indicate the condition.

Take pictures and create work orders

On our app you can take pictures at any time, simply click on the camera function to take pictures, leave comments or make sketches on them.

We have even created a Dictaphone function for you to use if this is necessary.

This handy feature allows you to immediately identify a couple of things including, the person responsible, the action that needs to be taken, including work order creation and the cost associated with this.

Base your inspections upon previous inspections (eliminating double work and making you work more efficiently)

One of our main tools to promote productivity is basing your inspections upon a previous inspection. This means when performing an initial inspection, you can base all of the consecutive inspections on this one. Meaning the next time you perform an inspection, you simply need to look for inconsistencies, which will half your inspection time.

Sign on the spot

We allow for on the spot signing. This means both tenants, leaseholders and inspectors can sign on the spot. We have a handy preview of the report you can show to all parties involved before they sign and then have them sign on the app itself.

This can come in handy when your tenants are there with you during the inspection.

Of course, if they are not they can always sign at a later date.

Embrace the Residenz Portal

Our Residenz Web-App is a handy tool for tenants to use. They receive a login and can access their portal from any device.

This is a great tool for any manager to ensure that each individual unit is kept in good condition and it facilitates communication between residents and the letting agency. The tenant can quickly register or communicate issues. You can communicate through a handy message centre, send them documents or announcements and much more.

Discover this great tenant reporting portal today!

Your Rental Manager

Discover this handy online back office

Inventory inspection back office

All of our inspection apps come with a handy online, cloud-based back-office. This is your one and only management tool, where you can manage your rental inspections and all of the data recorded therein. The Rental Manager lets you keep track of all of your inspectors & inspections and of course organise work-orders and much more.

The Rental Manager is necessary if you want to do some post-processing. For instance: regenerate an inventory inspection report, handle remarks or create an addendum. It’s also a practical tool for creating, distributing and the following-up with inspections & inspectors. You can also consult inspection documents and data. Thanks to our extended API, this data can be integrated into your back-office. With the Rental Manager, you can fully customise the Rental Inspection App. It’s about more than your corporate style: it’s about texts and clauses, creating specific inspection checklists, editing detailing lists, contractor lists and pricing tables and much more.

  • Plan & follow-up of inspectors and inspections
  • Customise & edit inspection / inventory checklists
  • Personalise reports
  • Post-process inspection reports
  • Collect accurate maintenance data
  • Assign work orders
  • Manage properties

Tenant Communication & Repair Portal

Keep your residents involved and informed

Residenz Website computer, tablet and smartphone tiles

Don’t forget your residents, tenants and even leaseholders. With this tenant repair reporting system, they can signal problems and formulate requests. It all works with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, helping to select areas, elements, and types of problems, by means of a handy suggestion list, which contains frequently occurring issues. Furthermore, there is support for commenting, taking pictures and making sketches. They can follow up on issues mentioned, receive building notifications and consult personal or building documents and much more…

Of course, this progressive web-app comes with a supporting Residenz Manager. Here, the manager handles all incoming notifications, publishes documents, communicates with the tenant, decides on actions to be taken, and much more. This app can link up directly to our Dorm and Building Inspector and even to our new Maintenance Organizer.

  • Tenant login
  • Signal problems & issues
  • Take pictures & leave comments
  • Messaging center
  • Announcement feature
  • Create & assign maintenance work orders
  • Linked to Rental Inspector & Building Inspector
  • White labeling possible

Check out our handy inventory reports

Chapps understands that producing reports is the number one purpose of conducting inspections

inventory inspection reports

That’s why our Rental Inspector App not only facilitates a wide range of inspection types;
but we also provide you with the necessary tools to create the reports you need.

That way you can deal with all aspects of your letting management.


Does the App work offline?

Yes! All of our apps work offline (even for previewing your reports). Simply synchronise when an internet connection is available.

Does the app work on both Smartphones & Tablets?

Yes! The app works on most Android and iOS Smartphones & Tablets.

What kind of inspections can be performed?

The Building Inspector allows you to perform a large range of inspections such as;

  • System inspection
  • Meter readings
  • Audit inspections
  • Health, fire and safety inspections
  • Routine inspections
  • Annual building inspections
  • Maintenance inspections
  • And last but not least, you can create your own checklist, therefore, you can perform any type of inspection you wish

Each of these inspections can be performed in as much detail as you wish, you can opt for a full review of all maintenance needs, simply visit a building and register issues when needed.

The Dorm Inspector allows you to perform;

  • Move-in and out inspections
  • Intermediate or check-up inspections
  • Health, fire and safety inspections
  • Inspections on common areas
  • Bulk inspections and singular inspections


What kind of reports can be created?

An important aspect of conducting building inspections is, of course, creating the inspection reports itself to comply with local rules and regulations about fire, health and safety or to prepare annual. The Chapps Building Inspector App provides you with a wide range of reports you can create.

  • Meter readings report
  • Audit report
  • State of the building report
  • Building inspection reports
  • Incident reports
  • Maintenance reports
  • Health, safety & security reporting
  • Issue listing
  • Job listing
  • Inspection execution sheet

The Dorm Inspector

  • Move-in reports
  • Check-up reports
  • Move-out reports
  • Room condition reports

All our reports are generated as Encrypted PDF reports and can be sent straight to the user or your online back office to be sent out on a later date.

How do I set-up my account?

It’s easy, you can do this yourself or let us help you.

We do this for you! It’s part of our initialisation fee. Of course, you can also make use of our handy Building Maker.

We realise that it’s essential that all buildings, units, elements and checklists are recorded accurately, in order for you to collect accurate data.
That’s why we help you set-up all of your buildings.

Give us a shout if you are ready to give our app a try!
We are happy to provide you with a free trial (including implementing & activating one of your buildings).

Please see the link attached or go to our “Getting Started” page for more information.


We do indeed customise to some extent, especially if you are a large organisation. We are more than happy to see what we can do.

Please see the link attached or go to our “Customization” page for more information.


We support linking with your software through a fully described API. For more information on this, please click this link or go to our “Linking” page for more information.

Importing & Exporting

One way of linking your app data to your management software other than using the API is by importing & exporting your data in bulk. These in- and -out exports are done through our back-end Manager.

Data that can be exported are;

  1. Contracts & tenancy files. (Which can be imported using a pre-defined Excel format.)
  2. Residential fines. (These can be exported and settled all at once, so they’re ready for further processing in your management software.)
  3. Maintenance data (work orders, tasks to be performed etc…)

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