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Building Inspector

Building Inspector

Main features

  • Works offline
  • Online synchronization & backup
  • Prefilled with practical checklists
  • Health, Safety & Security check-ups
  • Meter readings
  • Direct issue creation
  • Automatic PDF reports
  • Data export


  • £ 3.00 Per Unit (Annual)
  • £ 18.00 Per Building (Annual)
  • £ 35.00 Per User (Annual)
  • $ 5.00 Per Unit (Annual)
  • $ 25.00 Per Building (Annual)
  • $ 50.00 Per User (Annual)

Building Inspector Premium

Main features

The Building Inspector Premium will include a number of extra features, making sure your building inspections run smoothly.
By doing so we ensure we supply you with a very powerful & professional tool.
Using our building inspector app will change your ways.
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The Manager

The Manager for the Building Inspector
All of our solutions come handy with an extensive Chapps Manager.
We understand that all the data you collect is of extreme importance, we give you the tools to be in charge of your portfolio.
  • Set-up users & rolls that fits your organizational structure
  • Plan & follow-up of inspections and inspectors
  • Reliability & probability controls based on GPS data
  • Quality & efficiency controls to maintain your standards
  • Handle issues or checkpoints  
  • Organize maintenance 
  • Prepare annual reports
  • API Access to integrate with your existing software

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