The French National Federation of Real Estate Agents

Chapps is proud to announce its partnership with the National Federation of Real Estate Agents.

The FNAIM is a Union, brand, and professional association ... for nearly 70 years, the National Federation of Real Estate is the reference in the sector, for professionals, governments and consumers alike.

The "Action for Housing" act for a fair and balanced view of property between owners and tenants, the objective that guides the daily thousands of members of the FNAIM throughout France.

DDIV: Organization of Property Managers

Chapps is pleased to announce that it has partnered up with the largest property management organization in Germany namely the DDIV. As a new premium partner of DDIV, we are looking forward to a successful cooperation.
"We have deliberately opted for this partnership because the DDIV is a strong and successful association of the real estate industry. Just like us, DDIV strives to be innovative and forward-thinking at all times" says Jozef Loeckx, Chapps' CEO.
DDIV Managing Director Martin Kaßler also assessed the intensified partnership: "Digitalziation is a must for property managers."
Chapps lets you change the way you work!


Chapps is proud to announce its latest Software partnership with Bloxs.

Bloxs provides software for both large and small property managers, real estate investors and managers from the Home Owners Association.
The Bloxs software was developed by and for real estate professionals.



Chapps is pleased to announce that the Informant Software also chose to partner up with Chapps’ powerful solutions.

Informant was founded in the early 90’s and have since grown to a much sought after Real Estate management software.
Informant offers user-friendly, simple and affordable solutions for organizations in the real estate industry.


Chapps closes its latest deal with the leading service provider Qii.
Qii stands for innovation, quality and excellence.
That's why Qii chose to partner up with Chapps.

With this partnership, they offer their clients added value by providing the best possible solutions for conducting rental inspections that seamlessly integrate with their core values.
Qii specializes in providing various services for the rental market.

PCA Mobile

PCA Mobile chooses Chapps as its number one partner, when it comes to rental inspections.
PCA Mobile delivers extensive planning-systems & mobile solutions based on cloud technology, that’s why the company saw Chapps as a perfect fit.
With over 100 clients is PCA Mobile a well-established name in diverse branches of Social housing and Property managers.
Just like Chapps, PCA Mobile stoves to provide its customers with the best possible products and services.
For more info visit their website.


OSRE WoningDossier Choses Chapps as its number one partner for Rental Inspections.

The OSRE WoningDossier is a unique software specifically tailored for the real estate industry and intends to streamline the rental aspect of your property management.
Many social housing and property managers make use of the many features OSRE has on offer.

OSRE understands that with each rental a inspection needs to take place, making Chapps the ideal partner


United States


Chapps is pleased to announce its membership with the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International otherwise know as the ACUHO-I.

ACUHO-I members believe in developing exceptional residential experiences at colleges, universities, and other post-secondary institutions around the world.
Members include thousands of campus housing professionals who work at more than 1,000 campuses, as well as more than 250 companies and organizations whose products and services support the profession's needs. 

ACUHO-I provides its members with innovative and value-driven events, publications, research, career services, and online professional development, as well as valuable networking opportunities. We help our members evolve themselves and their institutions in their efforts to provide their residents with dynamic living environments.


The Ontario Association of College and University Housing Officers (OACUHO)

Chapps just become a Silver Level Corporate Partner at The Ontario Association of College and University Housing Officers otherwise know as OACUHO.

OACUHO is a non-profit organization that advises college and universities in Ontario on residence and residence facility issues. It is a not-for-profit organization which attaches great importance to support all facets of University and College housing operations, student success and the academic mission of the institutions in which each member serves. 

To find out more go to!

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Northeast Association of College and University Housing Officers

Chapps just become a Bronze Corporate Member of the Northeast Association of College and University Housing Officers otherwise known as the NEACUHO.

NEACUHO is an organization of housing, residential life, and student services professionals and paraprofessionals within the Northeast region dedicated to providing opportunities for colleague support, professional development, sharing of information, collaboration, communication, research, and recognition of outstanding contributions to the field.

United States


Chapps is a proud member of The National Association of Property Managers.
The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®) is an association of real estate professionals who know first-hand the unique problems and challenges of managing single-family and small residential properties.
United States

Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers

Not only is Chapps taking part of the Glachuo's local event, we are also members of the Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers.
GLACUHO  provides the best opportunities for housing officers to learn, lead and serve in the greater lake region.

United States

National Apartment Association

Chapps is a proud member of the National Apartment Association.
The NAA is the only full service national trade association dedicated solely to the apartment industry. The federated structure of the NAA enables the industry to represent its members and advocate on federal, state and local policy issues.
United States

The Upper Midwest Region of College and University Housing Officers

Chapps is proud to announce its latest membership with The Upper Midwest Region - Association of College and University Housing Officers.
The UMR-ACUHO is a collection of professionals organized for three purposes. The purposes are (1) to educate, (2) to conduct research, and (3) to provide service to member institutions within the region.

In carrying out this mission, the interchange of energies, ideas, and efforts produces an impact greater than the sum of its separate parts and ensures a level of program quality consistent with the expectations and needs of the diverse people and institutions of UMR-ACUHO.
United States

Northwest Association of College & University Housing Officers

Chapps is pleased to announce it's latest Corporate Membership at the Northwest Association of College and University Housing Officers otherwise known as the NWACUHO is an international multi-state and multi-province professional association for college and university housing professionals.

A membership based organization, NWACUHO serves the US states of Alaska, Washington, and Oregon; and, the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, in addition to the Yukon Territory.

NWACUHO is the largest geographical regional affiliate of the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International.