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Chapps stands for “Checking Apps”.
We create a wide range of Apps, specifically designed to support the property manager & expert.

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Chapps Rental Inspector

Rental Inspector

Discover our Rental Inspector App, an App specifically created for performing routine inspections, be it move in'/out's, initialization or even renovation checks!

An essential inspection tool for property managers, letting agents and the like!

So, what are you waiting for?
Discover the Chapps Rental Inspector App today and from now on work Smart, Fast and Accurate.
Chapps Dorm Inspector

Dorm Inspector

Finally, a tool specifically created for student housing management, be it on or off campus!
We understand that managing student housing/accommodation can be quite challenging, that’s why we created a specific tool for you to be able to handle this demanding job.

Find out what we have to offer your organization and discover our Dorm Inspector App today!

Chapps Building Inspector

Building Inspector

Discover the Chapps Building Inspector.
Your one-and-only inspection tool for performing professional building inspections.
The App lets you perform health, safety and security checks, regular inspections, report incidents, manage & distribute work orders, create handy reports for your annual reporting/due diligence and much more!
So, what are you waiting for?
Discover the Building Inspector App today, and change your ways!

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Maintenance Web App

Maintenance Web App

Make use of our handy Maintenance Web App.
The Maintenance App is directly linked to your Chapps Room or Rental Inspector.
This handy tool helps you distribute jobs and work orders to all parties involved, be it; the Handyman, Janitor, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Tenant, Contractors…
The App lets you add comments, send pictures and provides you with the necessary feedback.
Servicing & Tailoring

Servicing & Tailoring

The Chapps Manager is your back-office management tool!

Thanks to this handy tool you can set-up, and personalize the App, making it a perfect fit for your organization.
The Chapps team can help you with the set-up. If needed you can use our customizing & localizing services.
We realize that local rules & regulations, compliance and even inspection formats can be different. That’s why we include localization services, free of charge!
We also offer the possibility of customization for specific organizations, however this comes at a price.

For more information on servicing & tailoring contact us.


CheckNet is a technical platform, a series of tools, which help you set up your own expert network.

This platform makes full use of the Chapps Inspector Apps, it provides a customizable booking website, a billing & admin tool, and a useful planning tool.
With CheckNet you can service landlords, real estate brokers and property managers.

For more information on the CheckNet platform contact us.

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