The Chapps Residenz Portal – Communication and Connection for Modern Property Management


A common struggle faced by tenants is maintaining effective communication with property managers. Inefficient communication is always a negative outlook for both parties as both the tenant and the property aim to achieve comfortable living. Chapps has closed the gap by simplifying communication with the Residenz Portal. Our handy tenant maintenance repair reporting Web-App is an indispensable tool in modern property management that will put both tenants and property managers in control and at ease.

Transformations to the Property Management Industry
The digital age has transformed the traditional methods of property management, simplifying and improving approaches to organization. Property managers have long struggled to meet the demands brought upon by managing multiple channels, balancing issues and ensuring contact is achieved across the board.

As a tenant, you require the comfort and correct standard of living. This is achievable through
clear and direct communication with property managers. The Chapps Residenz Portal will soon be in action and will eliminate the struggles of communication in the property management business. It’s about putting you first as a tenant and allowing you to administer your home.

Chapps Residenz Portal
Implementing solution by solution to digitalize the property management industry, Chapps have introduced the Residenz Portal, the next chapter to our line of innovation. It all works with an in-built and user-friendly interface, optimized for smartphones. Communication is further simplified with a supportive suggestion list that contains common complications. As the tenant, you have the ability to label, make remarks, take pictures and create sketches. The solutions remain in your hands, allowing you to

How will the Residenz Portal benefit you as a tenant
– Have the ability to signal problems, issues, requests, and remarks
– Remain up to date with announcements
– Stay in touch through the handy messaging center
– Access the brief move-in, move-out checklists (coming soon)
– Enjoy the comfort of knowing your landlord has complete coordination of maintenance jobs
– Have an individual record of your requests.

Enjoy the perks
All of our Inspection Apps collaborate. Whether it is one App or the complete profile, Chapps can help you with your individual needs. As a tenant, have a word with your landlord and explore the possibilities that a communication tool can offer. If you’re a property manager looking to take the next step, reach out today!

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