The Building Monitor – Discover the Innovative Improvements



The Chapps Building Inspection App, a principal piece of software specifically created to accommodate building and block managers, came alive to cater to onsite building monitoring. Building inspections are becoming routine, especially in the United Kingdom, where regulations are being put into place to make sure that residents of high-rise buildings are safe, secure, now, and in the future.

The improvements to the building inspection process progressed further than what was required when Chapps complimented the new software with the Building Monitor, a back-office manager. By using the Building Monitor, you work in a structured and documented way, a method that allows you to connect the team.

If something is working adequately well, leave it alone is a cliché phrase heard in the English language and a phrase commonly ignored by the innovators at Chapps. Our Building Monitor has undergone a transformation, part of the standard progressive process that takes place at Chapps. The motivators for change derive from updates in the industry and most importantly, customer feedback. Our team knows the industry well and are active contributors to the change. When our customers communicate, we don’t just listen, we act.

By logging onto your building monitor, you will notice new specific features:

  • New UX-design – Further offering you a meaningful and relevant experience
  • Translations – 5 languages, English, Nederlands, Française, Deutsche, Español
  • List & Map View Buildings – Actively know where and when your inspections take place
  • Message Centre – Attention points, new notifications, new messages
  • Enhanced Filters on Inspections, Issues, Jobs
  • Preparation for the Maintenance Manager – Coming Soon!

Our products are detailed, but nonetheless, simple to operate as we offer all the requirements in an easy to operate platform. Our changes are part of an ongoing innovative process, remaining detailed but easy and transparent to follow. Our team is always willing to reach out and guide our clients through any modifications.

We are excited to experience the benefits from these modifications and if you’re yet to discover our Building Monitor, get on board today! Discover more over at our Chapps Building Inspector Page


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