Membership with APPA and acuho-i


Chapps has renewed its annual memberships with APPA, the leader in education facilities, and acuho-i, the association of college and university housing officers. These membership renewals are an example of our continuous presence in the North American student market where student housing has emerged in recent years as one of the most in-demand asset classes in commercial real estate.


Student Housing In The United States
The United States produces the highest rates of graduates in the OECD world and is home to the largest international student base. The United States is set to produce further graduates in the coming decade, attracting investors to student housing where demand for student housing increases, with a vacancy rate of about 2.6 percent in 2018, a figure which is expected to decrease to 2.3 percent in 2019. 

The student campus culture is a fundamental foundation to the college student experience, especially for first-year students where on-campus living is in most cases required. As students travel interstate and abroad to study, campus life is crucial to forming a sense of community and a calm living structure. With a high volume of tenants with active on-premises routines, accommodation requires facilities that are well equipped and well managed, a unique style of living that is not present or possible in traditional housing options.


Value of Organisations in the Industry
It is important for those on the management side to supply the best services and remain transparent to the changes. The organisations of the industry, APPA and acuho-i offer this support, ensuring a diversity of experiences and situations. They represent those involved in dorm management by cultivating knowledge, exchanging thoughts, displaying the demand and changes, and most importantly remaining innovative.


What will our membership bring us and those in the dorm management industry?
Our memberships in the United States allows us the opportunity to grow our customer base and improve our business by presenting our innovation to the local market. Gaining new customers is not the only reason for our memberships; our memberships allow us to bring innovative solutions to the market.


Here are some central highlights:

  • Location
    We know that the United States is home to student accommodation. Therefore, it is essential we reach the right people through the right channels so we can introduce our product.
  • Influence
    One of the key benefits of becoming a member of an association is the ability to support the mission of the organisation and possibly influence legislation that affects the industry. Chapps has been present in the European market for nearly a decade. We were established by industry professionals that know the local market and strive for change. As we look to expand in North America, we can benefit from our memberships whilst offering our local reputation in Europe to help APPA and acuho-i.
  • Target audience
    We share the same values and ideas, appealing to provide for the same market. APPA and acuho-i are the faces of the dorm management industry. Our product is the innovative solution to the industry.
  • Certification
    With our memberships, we carry the brand name of APPA and acuho-i. These certifications allow our customers to know that we are present in the industry and are aware of the fundamental requirements. Certifications hold a level of prestige and reliability in the minds of clients and customers that is invaluable.
  • Information
    APPA and acuho-i provide regular industry updates of the industry and market that can help us contribute to our constant innovative changes. traditional methods of communication, members benefit from newsletters, email updates and informative resources that allow you to stay on top of recent developments in the field.
  • Relationships
    Within business and outside of business, our memberships allow us to build strong beneficial relationships with likeminded people. We are an international team with an international reach. We are always looking to connect with the world.

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