Find out what our upgraded Building Manager has to offer!



Say Hello to The Better Building Manager!

We have upgraded our Building Manager for a better and more user-friendly experience. Here are some of the highlights of the new Building Manager:

The new Building Dashboard filters your buildings right away so you can now switch back and forth between all buildings or buildings with reported issues only. For an easier way to check the issues of your buildings, keep an eye for the new red dot on the buildings!

We have also created new iconography for the sites. Instead of the yellow triangle, you will find a block-shaped icon. 

Some of the Building Manager’s latest features also include ‘Routine Inspections’.  This feature allows you to check whether your caretaker or concierge has performed their daily building inspections, ensuring your building’s safety and maintenance!

Our checklists are also improved- now you can drag and drop items from the same checklist. Stay tuned for a major overhaul of the checklist builder which will be coming soon to your devices! To find out more about the Building Manager and all the features it has to offer, click here. 

Remember, it’s our job here at Chapps to continuously provide you with better solutions for fast, smart, and efficient inspections.