The Class Digital Innovation Award


The Class of 2020 knows that innovation is a key factor in transforming the university cities of the future and to support this concept, The Class Conference 2019 runs an innovation-driven competition.
The Best in Class Awards recognizes, highlights and promotes companies and initiatives at the forefront of student living, working and learning.

Chapps has been nominated for The Class Digital Innovation Award, an award that rewards organizations that have translated challenges into solutions and concepts to actions. With this year’s focus on shaping the future of ‘Blended Living’, Chapps is ready to take the opportunity to present our Dorm Inspector and Residenz Web-App, our exclusive software solution that contributes to the simplification and innovation of student living.

The Chapps Dorm Inspection App
Our Dorm inspection App was created to efficiently perform move-in and -out inspections, room condition reports and check-ups when needed. We created the necessary tools to quickly yet accurately deal with room inspections, issue handling, and maintenance work orders. This was the beginning of our technological approach to enhancing sustainability for student living, working and learning. We have since worked with universities and student housing organizations across the world, listening to their needs and addressing them through our product modifications and advancement.
The Chapps Residenz Web-App
This year Chapps looked further and released the Residenz Web-App. With the aim to improve our student living management methods and taking user experience into account, we knew that communication was a key factor to keep everyone in the loop. From students to campus managers, everyone is involved and informed. The Residenz Web-App is the place where students find documents, consult announcements and operate a handy tenant-messaging system that enables direct communication with campus managers. This intuitive and easy-to-use interface helps students to quickly signal urgent issues, messages, maintenance requests and more. It has been essential for students and campus managers to have an accessible and straightforward tool to signal problems, remarks and requests and Chapps has introduced it!

Our passionate team is from a diverse background of studies and industries with each individual offering a unique form of talent to a diverse range of challenges. Together we have collaborated to notice the needs, find the solutions, design the products and services and deliver them to the desired audience. The necessities to advance student living will continue to grow and Chapps will remain up to date, ready to provide what is needed. We look forward to seeing you at The Class Conference 2019.