Digital Dorm Inspections


A digital inspection tool is your next step to minimalizing the challenges faced in the dorm management process. Having efficient work practices and keeping your team and tenants involved and informed is the proper approach to managing property in our modern age. 

Digital technology has transformed nearly every aspect of modern life from the way we work, shop, entertain and most importantly, the way we communicate. The 21st century has introduced us to a new approach of connecting and it is now rare to find an electronic device or piece of machinery that doesn’t incorporate digital technology in some way.

Functioning in a digital style is simply working with devices that are more compact, faster, lighter, and more versatile. Going digital allows you to accumulate vast amounts of information locally or remotely and move around virtually instantaneously. Communication is connected more than ever before and will continue to develop this way in our efficient society. It’s your turn to decide whether you want to work faster and smarter. 

What are some of the benefits of digital dorm management?

Increase Your Social Connectivity
Digital technology makes it easy to stay connected with your tenants in and out of the office. With the option to communicate remotely, you diminish the stress and remain in the moment by having complete control of your tasks. You can communicate multiple forms of media through a website or an app connecting instantly to a millennial that never leaves their phone. Nobody has to feel disconnected in the digital world with communication updating users regularly. This works for both parties, students can express concerns whilst the manager can announce updates. Find out how you can implement this style of engagement with the Residenz Web-App.

Communication Speeds
When the dot-com crash hit the new millennium, only half a billion people were online. 20 years later, with the help of mobile devices and increased connectivity, more than half the world are internet users. Faster speeds have increased exponentially enabling you to transfer large amounts of information almost instantaneously, making it possible to send large data files, and access data from virtually anywhere in the world. Messages no longer require postal mail or bulk phone calls which in today’s standards are viewed as time consuming and inefficient. It can all be done right here and right now. 

Versatile Working
The digital age has most definitely transformed the way we work. Increased connectivity options allow you to choose when and where you work. With the option for remote working, you stay connected with your team and with your tenants. The limitations and barriers have been eliminated as you take control of the management process. Many jobs can now be done anywhere without complications. Without the need for all workers to be present in the same building, many other flexible working practices are now possible. Learn how you can manage your team with the Chapps Dorm Manager.

Changing Standards
Digital technology allows smart, fast and accurate work practices. With the ability to free staff from often repetitive and compulsory tasks, your team can focus on other more important means. With digital solutions comes better standards of safety and better user experience. Many tasks can now be done directly by tenants, rather than having to be done through another person acting as an intermediary. Thanks to digital solutions, more time and more attention to detail is applied to allow inspections to be stronger and safer than ever before. 

Information Storage
Digital technology enables mass storage of information onto drives or clouds. Your inspections accumulate large amounts of content, such as photos, reports, and contact information. All of your required information and documents can be carried around on remote handy-held devices. As well as physical locations, data can also be stored online, enabling it to be accessed from any device which has internet access. We know there is an abundance of relevant documents you wish to share with your tenants or residents and now you have the potential to do so.

One of the great advantages of digital technology over traditional methods is the ability to alter and edit information. With a digital inspection, you can have multiple and accurate duplications, the ability to access previous inspections, re-sign previous inspections and so forth. You have more freedom as you can set standards and modify and adjust your settings to your liking. This all comes with extra media benefits that would require more than one tool in traditional methods. Want to learn more? Book a demo today.