Join the Chapps Team – Life in a Start-up


This month, Chapps is seeking curious minds to join our tech-savvy team. Our product range is preparing for another phase of growth and to cope with our onboarding, we need your help. Chapps stands for ‘Checking Apps’ and was founded to provide innovation to the property management industry. A vital market with outdated methods, Chapps offered the solutions by designing a professional tool to create reliable inspections.

Our products are unique and so is our team. An international team based in the celebrated Tour and Taxi complex, we originate from multiple points of the world to call Belgium home. We all offer an exclusive skillset whether it be the creativity in design, the imaginative ideas in marketing or the influencing in business development. It’s time to meet like-minded individuals that can share their story and be part of ours.

Chapps is a Start-up that is transitioning into a Scaleup. Our main challenge is the growth of our already identified business model while maintaining operational controls. By joining us, you will be part of this exciting ride. But do take note, it can be foreign. Below we have listed 5 facts that enlighten life in a Start-up.

1. Change is good
It’s all about trial and error when you’re revolutionizing an industry. Our goal is to find effective solutions and provide our clients with things that will benefit them. This requires experimenting until we find the right result. Expect to start one project on Monday and be concluding a completely different project on Friday.

2. Explore all your talents
With a challenging workload and a tight-knit team, you get to taste a bit of everything. In a large enterprise, you are traditionally set to one task. This is non-existent in a small team with large assignments. Job titles are nearly absent as you become the Jack of all trades. At your next family dinner when your uncle asks ‘what do you do?’ you will have more than one answer!

3. Take responsibility
With every assignment requires the ability to work independently. Most work that comes into the company is new so it’s important to remain creative and take initiative. If there isn’t a solution, you will find one and become a pro at what you do.

4. Everything’s a team activity
You will be working independently but that doesn’t mean your team isn’t in the loop. Your work is always likely to be complemented with the work of another colleague and ideas and talent are shared throughout the office. There is always someone to look up to when guidance is needed and you are always encouraged to bring forward innovative ideas.

5. It’s chaotic
We’re not going to lie, a day in a Start-up is not like any other workplace. It is chaotic, but the good chaos that motivates you every day. One day you will be writing a social media post, the next day you are calling a college manager in Canada. No day is the same and we are constantly on overdrive, but at the end of the day, when the results come in and it’s time to unwind, it is always worth it.

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to be part of this journey, reach out to us. Click here to discover our openings and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Interested in learning more about us and our products? Discover more at Chapps.