The Class Conference 2019


Centered in Amsterdam for almost a decade, The Class of 2020 run their global not-for-profit through events, research, academy, and advisory. With a body of experts providing advice and ideas for the future of living, learning and working in university-cities, the Class of 2020 will be in Berlin for The Class Conference 2019 to stimulate their awareness. This year, Chapps will have the opportunity to share their knowledge by joining the Class of 2020 in collaboration with 800 other thought leaders in real estate investment, development, operations, international higher education, and city leadership.

This year’s conference congregates professionals into the Arena Berlin, a 1920s industrial monument located on the River Spree. The conference kicks off day one with a site tour that will explore the unique spaces within Berlin’s talented environment. This provides guests with the opportunity to observe everything from traditional German student accommodation to startup incubators. Day two provides a hectic schedule with various topics to be discussed focused on blended learning. Organizations will look deep into the current student housing market, focusing on concepts related to the ‘Co-revolution’ (co-working and co-living), the role of tech platforms and most importantly for SaaS enterprises, the digitalization of higher education and work.

Since its release, the Chapps Dorm Inspector has played a significant position in the digitalization of the student management process. This digital tool was established not as a business opportunity but as an industry requirement where the experts at Chapps explored beyond the norms and discovered the needs of dorm managers, pushing for efficiency. The Class Conference 2019 will allow Chapps to expand and cultivate an existing network whilst gaining more knowledge of student living, working and learning. Our goal is to learn more about our market so we can connect and remain an innovative force. These two days will expose the ideas and products that are popping up in the industry and the innovation that needs to be met.

To stay up to date with the current market, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Property management is an industry that is forever evolving and events are key to remaining resilient to the changes. Chapps is an organization that remains subject to change whilst positively contributing to the change, that’s why you won’t miss the Chapps team at The Class Conference 2019. Our team will be ready to demonstrate the effective side of student management by displaying our product range where you can discover our solutions and join the innovation. Find us in Berlin or start working fast, smart and accurately today by choosing Chapps!

The Class Conference 2019 will take place on the 6th and 7th of November, 2019 at Arena Berlin, Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin, Germany.