Can a Template-Based App Handle Your Inspections?


An app template may be a starting point to going digital, but is it the solution for your detailed inspections?

What Is a Template-Based App?
An app template is a pre-built application that has a lot of the core functionality already provided for you. Template-based apps allow specific customization and the ability to create a model to your liking. Although it sounds appealing, users are faced with a variety of limitations.

What Does a Template-Based App Offer?
Template-based apps are an appropriate choice if you are searching for a quick and easy initiative. The template can be the first stage to going digital and will offer you a basic starting point. It will offer you a basic checklist that will operate across all inspections and will speed your process up to a certain rate.

What Are the Benefits of a Specialised Inspection App?
Templates only offer pre-packaged features, unlike a specialised app that has custom functions and is unique towards your needs. A specialised inspection app is designed to function exclusively for property inspections. All the features on the app are relevant towards what is needed in a detailed inspection. Having the premade app allows you to explore the further features that are overlooked when constructing a property on a template-based app. These pre-included functions have been incorporated by those who know your market.

  • Checklist
    Both template-based apps and specialised apps offer property managers with a checklist, the most important function to an inspection. A template-based app will offer you the chance to record your traditional inspections in a digital format but will fail to explore further than a tick and a few notes. A specialised app is detailed and structured, designed for you to explore further into your issues and address them with the relevant and required information.
  • The Process
    A property inspection is more than a checklist, and this tends to be neglected in the industry. By settling with a template-based app, you limit yourself to a simple checklist that disregards the whole process of a true property inspection. Performing detailed and efficient inspections is the foundation on which property management operates. You need to get the right data to ensure that the information you collect helps generate reliable, practical information. 
  • More Than One App
    All sectors are different within the property management industry, which means different apps are essential for different jobs. Like spanners, apps can be adjustable or set to one task. The adjustable options allow more variety but will never be as efficient and specific for its due task. By adopting a specific app, you ensure that your inspection has the appropriate solution. Rental, building, as well as shared-living inspections, differentiate from each other and require their explicit checklist. 
  • Solving a Problem
    A template-based app is a solution to going digital, but it doesn’t solve a specific problem. Specific inspection apps focus further on saving time and cutting out paper. It’s about checking compliances and covering your liabilities. Specific inspection apps allow organisation, planning and following-up on maintenance. You can also justify charges to landlords, residents or tenants, register requests, document incidents and furthermore. Ultimately, it’s about making reports to your stakeholders as efficiently as possible.
  • Accurate Data
    Digital data is more accurate than traditional methods with the added advantages of removing human errors, failed points of attention to detail, and of course, the possibility to link data together. Specialised inspection apps offer planning tools, maintenance tools, notifications, and back-office data, all possibilities that are not found in a basic checklist. Your data is a significant segment to your report that shouldn’t be neglected and a specific inspection app is the key to optimizing your inspection data.
  • Conforming With Regulations
    Countries with mandatory property inspections, such as Belgium, are not accommodating to quick and easy solutions due to the importance of detailed move-in and move-out inspections in local regulations. The countries where there are no binding laws to property inspections still have property managers that need to meet basic forms of legislation. A specialised inspection app covers your needs and requirements from the moment you choose to download the app.
  • A More Convenient User Experience
    The app market is growing exponentially and with it comes an evolution in digital user experience. By having an app that is pre-developed for you, you can be assured you will have the tool you need for the right purposes. Specific apps continue to adapt and modify to meet industry standards, to conform with the latest devices and to include innovative initiatives that enhance your user experience.
  • Save Time
    You have a property that requires regular inspections, you already want to save time by going digital, so why result in constructing your template? By simply downloading a specific app, you are already on your way to cutting time and starting your first inspection. Saving time is a convincing cause to go digital and we support this by starting you with the basics.

The Chapps Solution
With more than 5 years in the app game, our product development has come from the most important voice in our organisation, the customer. Our product range has grown and evolved to accommodate the industry criteria and we specialise in knowing what is needed in an inspection report. Our solutions remain customizable for your needs but remain user-friendly along the way. By understanding the importance of a specific-personalised app, you recognise the many reasons why you need a professional tool to create reliable inspections. Look further than going digital and get specific by starting with Chapps.