An Eco-Friendly Office


Your office space is your second home and it offers the ideal canvas to create an ecofriendly lifestyle. With a greener generation, the modern work environment is transforming to adjust to modern mentalities. As the decade concludes, climate change will continue to remain as a contemporary action, and addressing it starts with our day-to-day activities. At Chapps, we’re already onto this. Discover what it’s like to work in our eco-friendly office and how you can introduce the ideas into your workspace.

The Chapps Revolution

Here at Chapps, our team is experiencing an in-office environmental revolution. Our Marketing Manager is what you could refer to as an ‘eco-warrior’, a person actively involved in preventing damage to the environment. She leads our environmental change and working as a team, you become an average of your colleagues (we don’t have any outliers). Not only do her actions have an effect in the workplace, but it’s also a mentality you adopt and take home with you each day after work.

An Office Run Down

Going green seems daunting and difficult when its misunderstood. It isn’t difficult and it doesn’t need to be difficult. An eco-friendly environment isn’t working with a solar-powered laptop in the Amazon; it’s about making the small changes that will contribute to a big difference.

Location is Key
We work in the Tour & Taxis complex, a large former industrial site in Brussels, Belgium. A genuine masterpiece of architecture, our office building was transformed to live a second life. It offers social interaction, easy to access dining, convenient facilities, natural lighting and further aspects that contribute to a co-living space.

We Said ‘Nup’ to the Takeaway Cup
There is no doubt about it, we love our coffee at Chapps! We don’t settle for bad coffee and use a top of the range espresso machine. Most paper-based cups are usually lined with a membrane of polyethylene (plastic) to make them waterproof meaning they are not recyclable. There’s no excuse for a takeaway cup when you have the choice of a strong espresso to a delicate latte macchiato in your own office.

Buy in Bulk and Buy Bio
It’s more than just a cup of coffee, it’s a bio coffee. When shopping, we buy any possible bio option made available. Food in EU-member states may only contain the words ‘bio’ if specific regulations are followed in its production and if the producer has been certified by the proper authorities. On top of the products being bio, we buy in bulk. Buying in bulk reduces packaging, reduces material waste and reduces emissions in delivery.

Plastic Prohibition
You could almost say that plastic is illegal at Chapps. Some of us bring food from home, some of us treat ourselves to a takeaway meal and some of us love to snack. Our team members that pack their lunch do so with reusable containers. Tupperware can last for years and a good stainless-steel container will last a lifetime. Meals purchased at Tour & Taxis are served with reusable dining plates and all in-office cupboard snacks are purchased with minimal plastic.

Plants Aren’t Just Pretty
We don’t just decorate our office with plants to keep it looking pretty; our staff already do that job. For the environment, office plants improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants and stabilise the humidity levels. For the team, plants offer a content and creative work environment. A study performed by the University of Technology Sydney found significant reductions in stress among workers when plants were introduced into their workplace.

Pointless Paper
Okay, we do have a printer BUT it’s like a first aid kit; it’s required but not always needed. We work with modern devices that allow us to digitally convey our messages and allow us to have access to manuals and books in a digital format. We have developed a mindset to prioritise softcopy and avoid going hardcopy. When we do need to go hardcopy, we make small initiatives such as using thinner paper and printing double-sided.

The Workplace Well
A water refill station should be a given in any workplace. Hydration throughout the day maintains every function of our bodies and increases brain activity. We source our water through SipWell, who use recyclable bottles with a contemporary design. It’s estimated that 80 per cent of plastic bottles end up in the dump, only to be burned or end up in a landfill. Having a water station eliminates all needs for bottled water and encourages our team to stay hydrated throughout the day.

We’re Light on the Lighting
We’re a bright team with diverse personalities that light up the office; however, we still need efficient lighting. We are fortunate to have the natural lighting offered by Tour & Taxis but like most offices, we still require artificial lighting. Our lighting is eco-friendly and has a series of technological functions, such as brightness sensors and a detector for intelligent presence. Our lights only produce the required amount of energy and only generate light when necessary.

Our Pride and Joy
We are Chapps and we create inspection apps. It’s what we do and its why we come together as a team each day. Our products allow us to work towards innovative measures and offer our industry solutions that minimalise their carbon footprint. Offering services as a software that are accessible at any location from a mobile device, we cut paper use and increase efficiency. We are transforming the way our industry works, socialises, and does business, only offering needed solutions that have no environmental impact.

Why Go Eco-Friendly?

Change requires spending and old habits are easy to stick with. So what do you gain out of an eco-friendly office?

You Actually Save Money
From a financial stance, establishing an eco-friendly office can cut into budgets. Eco-friendly offices are investments and have a low maintenance cost. If measured correctly, you will notice a substantial ROI. Your company will have lower energy bills, your stationery orders will be minimal and your teams productivity will increase.

A Happier Team
Happy people are productive people. Every employer faces the challenge of promoting a happy team culture and today’s generation want to work in a healthy habitat and demand welcoming workplaces. The workplace you provide will reflect on the quality of work your team produces and will be profitable from a financial perspective. Make the investment in order to get the return.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important in modern business. CSR will play an important role in your market’s consumer buying process and will influence the sort of candidates who want to work for you. As your business grows into the 21st century, CSR will continue to expand, setting a socially conscious image for your organisation.

It’s the Right Thing to Do!
The reward is the world you live in. Sometimes we need to look past the small rewards and look at the big picture. The environment reflects on our existence and maintaining a sustainable environment is the key to our survival, its as simple as that. To make a change in the world you have to change the way you act.