9 College Dorms That You Will Want To Call Home


Moving to study is a life-changing experience. Whether it’s one semester or a full degree, campus life becomes your personal life. That’s why we’ve discovered the best college dorms for you to call home.


University of Toronto

Full-time students at the University of Toronto are welcomed in their first year with a guaranteed residence. Each University of Toronto campus has a range of housing options that allow students to integrate into a fun and supportive community, minimizing the stress as a freshman. The location is walking distance to classes, on-campus events, athletic facilities, and libraries. To top this off, each campus is equipped with convenient services, from healthy dining options to useful maintenance facilities.


McGill University

Montreal offers the perks of a major city like Paris and Toronto but won’t leave you out of pocket. With plenty of comfortable locations across the city, McGill University offers its residents the same luxuries with the extra benefits of having a community environment. Students at McGill complement their academic experience through engaging activities and community-building events. The faculty residence holds yearlong, inter-residence competitions, allowing for interaction amongst students. With all these benefits, students are always guaranteed support and order with the Residence Council.


University of British Columbia

The social life is far from limited at the University of British Columbia where you will be finding Canadas largest student accommodation. With 12,000 resident friends to meet, students come from over 140 countries to call UBC home. The residence is made up of 13 residents’ campuses with the support of 440 staff members. The accommodation is spread out across 100 acres, allowing students to have plenty of room to play and if 100 acres isn’t enough, you have British Columbia as your backyard!


University of Manchester

The University of Manchester knows the uncertainties students face when leaving home for the campus life. That’s why the University of Manchester offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every individual need and want so everyone can call this Northern city home. Campus life here is so diverse, it accommodates for young individuals to even options for families. The campus is equipped with a variety of facilities but one can’t look past the catered halls – offering breakfast and dinner, even vegetarian and vegan options!


University of Leeds

Experience life in Yorkshire by calling the University of Leeds home. The campus culture at Leeds offers numerous ways to make the most of student life by supporting students in gaining a real community feel. With 25 residences to choose from, this campus residence really stands out with a variety of options ranging from modern blocks to luxuries converted mansions! Everything is walking distance to the diverse city center and all with the opportunity to escape to the beautiful surrounding countryside.


University of Chicago

The University of Chicago has a solid reputation for challenging its students. Though challenging, UChicago has a bustling culture that is reflected in their student dorms. All freshmen are required to live on campus, and as much as 60% of students choose to continue afterward. There’s an obvious reason for this; students are supported with comfortable amenities and abundant care from the House council. Not only will the culture appeal to you, but the architecture is also renowned. Students here can find themselves living in their own unique community with character, sharing a basement, dining hall, courtyard, and more. And if you’re quite the musician, you won’t look past the music practice rooms!


Washington University St. Louis

There’s more to The States than the East and West Coast. The Midwest is the home of many top universities including Washington University St. Louis. Here you will find The South 40 Residential Colleges. Almost considered a village due to its impressive layout, the ten residential colleges are surrounded by fitness centers, tech centers, music rooms, dining facilities and additional amenities that are designed to make campus life easier. All rooms are well equipped for the average student in modern buildings and the choice of historic stone buildings for the traditionalist. What more could a student require with such variety and accessibility?


University College Dublin

The grass is greener on the other side when you make the move to Ireland. Home to rugby and pints, Ireland offers a welcoming atmosphere like no other. In Ireland’s notable capital, you will find College University Dublin, a university with historic routes and modern facilities. With 8 buildings to choose from, the rooms offer contemporary styles with all basic necessities. The shared facilities allow you to interact with your peers and are sustained by an on-site maintenance team. With Dublin’s notorious housing market, CUD offers its residents the best quality in terms of pricing and whereabouts, taking away the stress of finding a key location.


Florida Gulf University

You might mistake dorm life at Florida Gulf Coast University for a long-term stay at a resort. Residents on this campus aren’t thinking about July when they’re living every day in the summer-break style. Students have the South Village, North Lake Village & West Lake Village, each mimicking a dream getaway. One-third of students live in the residents and 80% of freshmen continue their stay. The dorm life isn’t just fun but also a well-established and connected community, through its clubs, organizations, and shared facilities. Florida Gulf Coast University truly know that living is learning and that there is more than just hitting the books when it comes to college.


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