A snapshot of our 2021 highlights


2021 was quite a year; the pandemic made times challenging for everyone. Despite these challenges, we also had our successes. We made many new clients and collaborated with new partners; our products got updated, new styles were designed, and much more!

So read on and relive our most significant moments from 2021!

The Building Inspector Lite got released

We wanted to ensure that our solutions fit everyone’s needs. That’s why we launched the Building Inspector Lite in November; this version is suitable for every small property manager who wants to perform safe and compliant building inspections without too much fuss. 

The Rental Inspector became available for Smartphones

The smartphone version of our Rental Inspector also got launched in November. From now on, you can perform your inspections whenever and wherever and just as detailed as on your tablet.

New Building Inspector features were implemented

We enhanced our Building Inspector throughout the year by creating new features on both the app and manager that make your inspection processes run smoother, more efficient, and overall more comfortable.

Some of these new features include:

1. New issue pop-up screen
2. Upgraded Walkthrough Inspections
3. New Routine inspections feature
4. Improved Manager dashboard
5. New intuitive checklist builder

The Residenz Web App got a makeover

In June, our design and development team worked extremely hard at creating a new styling for our Residenz Web-App that is more user-friendly and accessible. Our Residenz Web-App is the ideal tool for keeping track of your resident notifications/ maintenance requests and much more.

Our customer service improved

In March, we introduced the Chapps Helpdesk, a tool to provide all the important information and support our customers are looking for. The Helpdesk covers answers to any specific questions you might be having about our inspection apps. We cater to your needs with short demos, simple explanations, and quick solutions.

The Chapps team expanded 

And last but not least, we welcomed Giel to our Marketing & Sales team in January. Giel is a recent International Business & Communications graduate with a passion for Marketing. Over the past year, she has become an important part of our team, and we are looking forward to continuing working with her.

That’s a wrap for 2021! We can’t wait to share what next year has in store for you.